A Chiefs player rewards a homeless, merciful Samaritan who helped him in the snow

One of those irritations of everyday life happened to Jeff Allen, the offensive lineman, of Kansas City Chiefs when he left for Arrowhead Stadium and the AFC divisional playoff game against Indianapolis in the snow on Saturday.

Allen managed to get stuck and fortunately a Good Samaritan came to his aid. But Allen and the man parted before he could get a name and contact information. After the Chiefs had defeated the Colts to advance to the championship game on Sunday against New England, he reached out in the only way he knew: via social media.

"My car got stuck in the snow before the game and a nice man named Dave helps me get out without knowing that I was a player" he tweeted. "I want to give him tickets for the AFC Championship to help, but I have no way to contact him, he drove a 97 or 98 black Suburban." Pls RT #ChiefsKingdom "

His plea drew a huge amount of attention, including the usual jokes. But it finally paid off and Allen found Dave. "Update: Despite the recent influx into people who changed their name to Dave in the KC area lol," he tweeted"I was actually able to track down the Dave who helped me thanks to the power of social media and #ChiefsKingdom, thanks for your kindness"

Only who is Dave? Steven Dial, a KSHB-TV reporter in Kansas City, tweeted that he is a homeless man who lives in his vehicle.

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