After a tumultuous start to the summer, Chelsea emerges relatively unharmed and ready to start again

After a tumultuous start to the summer, Chelsea emerges relatively unharmed and ready to start again

When this window of transfer opened, the big and annoying question for Chelsea was whether Roman Abramovich was still interested in his club.

At the time, the Russian owner denied a United Kingdom visa and what it could do for the future, but the merciful development for Stamford Bridge supporters is that it did not necessarily hinder business in the club. In fact, Chelsea has arguably enjoyed their most proactive window since 2014.

They signed the lynchpin midfielder that Maurizio Sarri requires for his style in Jorginho, while beating Manchester City to the player's signature in the process. This was followed by the purchase of the most expensive goalkeeper in history at Kepa Arrizabalaga and a promising Real Madrid loan agreement Mateo Kovacic. More significantly, they held Eden Hazard.

Kepa expects to get "great things" after the world record transfer

The Belgian recalled in May how important it was for Chelsea to make competitive purchases, and can at least be encouraged by what he did, if he was not thrown out.

His international team-mate Thibaut Courtois has finally left for Real Madrid, and while some suggest his substitute scores a downgrade, it's not that simple.

There has always been a debate about Courtois at the Stamford Bridge and if he actually does a lot of rescues he should not, not to mention his commitment to the club given his family situation. There was never the connection there that Petr Cech had.

Kepa meanwhile does not have the experience of Courtois, but he is an extremely reliable and talented goalkeeper, and not prone to mistakes.

This is not a big change, really, and Chelsea has probably strengthened overall.

Kepa Arrizabalaga has signed a seven-year contract at Chelsea (Chelsea FC)
There are some who have worked with the club's hierarchy, though, who still question the overall strategy and the fact that the team is now full of midfielders while missing elsewhere.

The problem of debauchery and the current lack of trust of Alvaro Morata remains.

The big question is where do the goals come from, over Hazard? But this indicates the great new dynamic with regards to Chelsea.

Sarri's coaching is such that it can effectively delete an individual's past because the Italian has the ability to transform them. The sudden increase in the shooting of Dries Mertens and the reliability of Kalidou Koulibaly in Naples represent the best proof of this.

Maurizio Sarri has a record to turn average players into vouchers (Reuters)
It might take a while, of course, but Sarri is able to take most of that team in different directions.

There is still a slight imbalance in the Chelsea of ​​Sarri, especially in the fullback, but the real charm is what the Italian does after, what he can do. It is someone who is seen by the same school as Pep Guardiola, who has long ago made it seem that his ideal was to fill a team of universalist technical midfielders. Chelsea now has many. The best scenario could be the kaleidoscopic movement around Jorginho before Hazard's vanguard. The worst scenario will be a mess.

We will not know it for a long time and, almost more than any other club, it's why Chelsea's business will be hard to judge.

Right now it seems positive, though. And, even more positively, Abramovich has already given them the answer to the most pressing question of all. Business as usual, it would seem.

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