Ahmed Hammadi: worst championship in the history of «possibility»

Ahmed Hammadi: worst championship in the history of «possibility»

Ahmad Ali al-Hammadi, director of the UAE National Competitiveness Development Project, said most of the participating teams had no information about the starting point of the race, despite the issue of the people involved, especially the chairman of the jury, whose main roles are the details of the start of the matches. , Pointing to the fact that the chair of the arbitration committee handed over the race monitoring, before the veterinary examination and the procedures for measuring the weight of the knights, prior to the start of the competition day, to the foreign technical representative to be assigned by the international equestrian federation to lead the cavalry participants to the starting line, and back Again to accompany another group, claiming that the championship is the worst in the history of strength and endurance races.

Al-Hammadi added that "the arbitrariness of the organization led to the departure of some cavalry to the wrong direction and other tracks." The situation could have been remedied by compensating the retirements with an extra time, but the FEI intervened, although this did not fall within its mandate. The decision was taken by the jury, in collaboration with the Veterinary Commission, and then asked for a meeting of the team officials, whereby Sabrina Ibaniz, secretary of the International Equestrian Federation, decided to cancel the race, and the announcement of an alternative flight for 120 km instead of 160 km.

Al-Hammadi said: "I told Sabrina that the decision did not fall within her competence, so she apologized and justified her intervention because the chairman of the jury was not fluent in English. The technical and administrative staff of the UAE team wanted the law In all steps, despite the protest of half of the participants under the UAE's supervision of the decision to re-race, despite the veterinary examination of horses in the first race, in violation of the law to rest horses for the days after their official participation ».

Al Hammadi explained that "the responsible committee was informed that the race is dangerous for the participating horses because of the delay of some horses in the dark in the evening, especially because the race was held amid heavy forests, which is in conflict with the methodology of the International Equestrian Federation, which depends on the safety and welfare of horses.

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