Alex Cora celebrates twice: his birthday and second World Series in a row

HOUSTON – There was no better birthday present for manager Alex Cora than the fourth straight victory of the Boston Red Sox on the Houston Astros, which led to the AL champions with a score of 4-1 on Thursday-evening and got his move to the World Series for the first since 2013.

"It's a great day," said Cora, who turned 43 on Thursday. "AJ Hinch and the Astros gave me the opportunity to be with them, to grow as a coach and to learn a lot about the various aspects of the game, I am very proud of them, they had an incredible season and I am proud of AJ. and what they have achieved this season. & # 39;

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"It's great," continued the Puerto Rican coach, who last year was a banking coach and World Series champion with the Astros. "Really, the sacrifices made by the family in this race are extremely difficult and that is enjoyed in the way the boys enjoy it (my family) is an essential part of what happens."

"Last night's game ended at 12:10 in the morning, so we won two matches on my birthday, and I'll keep that."

The recipient Christian Vázquez was very happy to share the moment with his leader and compatriot, especially a year after the island of Puerto Rico was destroyed by Hurricane Maria: "I think you will never get such a nice present like this, enter the World Series as a manager the first year.

& # 39; You know we are from Puerto Rico, & # 39; Vázquez continued. "It's special, what happened to Puerto Rico, the hurricane and all those things, I think it's going to help Puerto Rico, the kids will want to keep playing in Puerto Rico and we'll see it as an example."

A David Price took him 11 years and 20 postseason-games, but he finally got his first win as a playoff-starter. Price gave a pitching clinic, where he got off the track and dominated his former teammate in Detroit, Justin Verlander.

The 33-year-old left-hander gave Cora a lot of honor for the historic Red Sox campaign, which won 108 matches in 2018, most in the history of the franchise and only the fourth time that a Boston team won 100. games or more in 117-year history.

"AC (Alex Cora) has been huge for us all year," Price said. "It just fits very well in this group: From our first training day he always kept us together, either via text messages or phone calls, or he went to lunch, we were all always on the same page and with the same common goal. phenomenal for us. "

Price kept the Astros out of balance, at one point he retired eight batters in a row and retired nine runs in their six empty innings, a new personal record in the & # 39; postseason & # 39;

"I felt very good on the hill," the left-handed said. "He kept telling me all the time: stay in the moment Do not worry about the next hitter Do not think about the next release Stay here And I could do that tonight And it has paid off. is one of the most special nights I've had on a baseball field. "

"Unbelievable, incredible," Vázquez said about the opening of Price. "It was one of the best starts of his career, I think he will now take back that trust and continue to do his job." Despite 108 wins during the season, the Red Sox remained as the non-favorites, not only when they lost the second game against the New York Yankees in the Division Series, but also after being defeated by the Astros in the first game of the championship series.

As the Dominican Rafael Devers happened during the entire campaign, however, the team did not respond to external comments and focused on their only goal to reach the World Series.

No Red Sox hitter had the hottest bat Devers had in the Championship Series, where he dragged 12 points to tie Maracay's Tigre Miguel Cabrera with the second highest number of postseason-driven runs before he turned 22. The rookie Dominican also batted .385 in the series, leading all Red Sox with at least 10 at-bats.

"I'm not surprised at all, we're here We know what we have and we know what we want," said Devers, who connected the three-point home team that decided the match. "We are a team that is always positive and we always compete, no matter what they say outside the field, we are here to win and we are going to try to win."

Despite batting for only .200, Jackie Bradley Jr. the Most Valuable Player of the Champion Series called for joining three decisive strikers for the Red Sox in the series, including a home run with the bases loaded in the third game.

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Bradley Jr. raced in nine runs with two homers and a double, got four free runs and scored three runs. The nine races of Bradley Jr. were equal to 33 percent of the 27 RBI's of the Red Sox in the entire series.

"I have no words," Bradley said. "This is an amazing thing, I have great teammates, an incredible staff, everyone is a blessing."

"This was what we wanted to do since we got spring training, and we fought – and we put ourselves to the test during the fight, we played against a lot of great good teams – this is definitely a special moment." "It was very worth it, "continued Bradley. You always propose to do, to do everything possible to stay here and compete, to help win in every possible way. It was a lot of work. It is not easy. And I want to keep working, continue to improve in my work and, hopefully, continue to win. "