Alina Zagitova insulted by the statement that the dog was the cause of her defeats -

The Russian figure skater and Olympic champion Alina Zagitova could not win the European championship in Minsk. held in late January. The journalist suggested during a press conference after the defeat. that the reason for this was the dog. Alina was offended by such suspicions.

An Akita Inu Masaru breed was presented to a Russian skater one year ago.. after winning the Olympic Games in Pkhenchkhane. A participant in the press conference with an athlete suggested. that taking care of a dog takes a lot of time from Zagitova and therefore can not prepare well for the competition.

However, the girl herself denies this: she is certain. what is a dog?. vice versa. helps her. "There is no. it only helps to unload, "said Alina.

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As it turned out later. The Japanese journalists spoke to the star with such a question. Zagitova gave a new interview. fragments from which she appeared on her fan page on Instagram. Athlete known. that such questions insult her: "I think. to raise such issues is simply incorrect. The dog. vice versa. It helps me in everything. Miss her during the departure. Parents constantly send me photos & # 39; s and video's of Masaru – I look at her. and the mood rises immediately, "said the figure skater, adding. that learns with the dog and the elements of figure skating – Axel and Salchow.

In the year after the Olympics, Alina Zagitova had no major successes in the field of sports. Evgeni Plushenko comforted the athlete. and coach Tatjana Tarasova had criticized her.

At the European Championships in Minsk, Zagitova came second. make room for Sofia Samodurovoy. During the free program, Alina made several mistakes and even fell back. Previously she was fifth in the Russian championship in December after two falls.

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