Arsenal Lose 2-0 at Manchester City in Unai Emery's Premier League debut Bleacher Report

Arsenal Lose 2-0 at Manchester City in Unai Emery's Premier League debut Bleacher Report

James Baylis – AMA / Getty Images Manchester City's Premier League title defense began well on Sunday, when Sky Blues beat Arsenal 2-0 in their first season outing. Raheem Sterling and Bernardo Silva took care of the Emirates Stadium score. The Gunners fell in their first official game under new coach Unai Emery, which was a stopping jab, as all of the other six teams from last season won their openers. The city controlled the action and had the best chances, scoring a goal on both sides of the half-time. Here are the main points of discussion of the game on Sunday. Emery & # 39; s Choices BackfireEmery made two big decisions with his first XI at the start of the Premier League season, when he chose Petr Cech ahead of Bernd Leno at the goalie and followed Matteo Guendouzi in place of Lucas Torreira. The decisions were understandable. Cech is a veteran of many Premier League fights, and Guendouzi was among the leaders of the pre-season Gunners. Unfortunately, both were in error for Sterling's opening bid. This last failed to collect the England international after Hector Bellerin pushed him in, and Cech did not make a big play for the ball after overtaking him, according to Miguel Delaney of The Independent : Miguel Delaney @MiguelDelaneyGreat run and finish, but he passed Bellerin and Guendouzi so easily and Cech would not have … put his arms out?Both improved as the half had run out, but the damage had been done. With the command, City was able to sit a little further back and play at the counter, which eventually allowed Silva to double the pillow after the break. Emery will not receive heavy criticism for risking against a dominant team in his first game, but should serve as a lesson for the tactician. He could afford to take such risks at Paris Saint-Germain, but the level of competition is much higher in England. Mahrez proves perfect for CityKevin The absence of De Bruyne from the initial XI did not hinder the Sky Blues, and Riyad Mahrez's smooth transition in part made this possible. Starting on the right, he proved perfect for the intricate style of Pep Guardiola, adrift and found Kyle Walker overlapping over and over again. He also communicated well with Sterling, changing the hips at the right time. Match of the Day thought he impressed: Match of the Day @BBCMOTDThe defense of Arsenal when Mahrez runs against them 🏃

#ARSMCI's remarkable how fast the first one is Leicester City the man has adapted to his new environment, but is perfect for the style of City. His transfer seemed the ideal move for all the parties involved before his passing, and Sunday claimed. Ozil must be pulled from isolation in Arsenal Setup Arsenal has scored a sensible fight in the first half, putting his foot near City's midfield, but have not been able to create much in the third striker , which allowed Sky Blues to take more risks. The Gunners' creative struggles were at least partially in part as Mesut Ozil as a pure man. He was forced to track down and try to keep up with Benjamin Mendy, who kept moving inside when he was in possession, and this task prevented him from getting the ball at his feet in dangerous positions. The result was an anonymous performance with many wasted passages. Coral could not do without: Coral @CoralFull deserved credit to Mesut Ozil, who has so far taken his international pension to the football club.For Ozil to succeed, he needs to get the ball early and away from the fullbacks who are cutting in to defend him. This means pushing Aaron Ramsey and Bellerin into higher positions to keep the defenders occupied and create space, which was not even against the City. Instead, Ozil has been isolated, with disastrous results. It does not have the legs to compensate with so little space, and taking it out of that isolation will be the key. What's up? The difficult start of the Arsenal season will continue with a visit to local rivals Chelsea in the second week. Citizens will host Huddersfield. .

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