Arsenal v Manchester City: Premier League – live! | Football

Arsenal v Manchester City: Premier League – live! | Football

88 min: Immediately, Sane has an attempt, but pulls wide at the near post. What team has the team. Who can touch it, really?

87 min: Sane turns on for Sterling. You will imagine that it is cute and fresh.

85 min: Ohhh … Ederson makes a ricket but Ozil, perhaps caught between taking the ball and moving to an offside Lacazette, does not take his chance. And with that surely the last hope of Arsenal. At the other end a flurry of city brings a couple of panic and a shot of Mendy diverted over Cech. Aubameyang is then sent off but, for the second time in a few minutes, he is offside and it does not matter a bit that goes on.

83 min: There is no real belief, from both teams and certainly not from any of the supporters, that this will end something other than Arsenal 0-2 City.

81 min: "I've heard that when you think that Ozil is not doing anything, it's actually just working on such a high level that we mere mortals can not understand it," writes David Flynn. "According to the same logic, Mkhitaryan is probably the best football player in the world right now."

at 5.41 pm BST

79 min: Now City slides the watch a bit further, Gabriel Jesus replaces Aguero.

78 minutes: Torreira, impressive in its short time, reads a passage from De Bruyne to Mendy smartly, cuts it off and starts an attack. This is exactly what Arsenal needs his midfielders to do.

at 17.39 BST

77 min: a short corner corner finds Lichtsteiner on the far post, but can not control the first time and, while recovering the ball, can not do much in bringing him back to the goal.

76 min: "Arsène Wenger, won more than you", is the song that I think I just heard from the North Bank. He will never leave!

@ NickAmes82 Good evening. This game raises the question of how long will it take Arsenal to restore the place? This was a game that tastes like late Arsène, from wasted possession to the short-haired midfielder who is repeatedly avoided.

12 August 2018

It's a valid argument for this and that's why people should keep the fire on Emery for exactly one year, however things go.

74 min: I think Arsenal needs a first-class central defender, two new full-backs and a great striker. What do you think about it?

71 min: Guendouzi tries for the first time from 25 yards and … well … it could actually be finished somewhere near Finsbury Park. His debut has had much to praise, but also some real critical points. This is normal.

70 min: Now here is a debut for the promising Torreira, aired for the highly booked Xhaka.

69 min: Ozil, his radar correctly out, plays a pass exactly where Lacazette does not want it. The city seems happy to contain and break now.

at 5:30 pm BST

67 minutes: Arsenal wins a corner and this is their first of the game. They need something very soon to keep this game alive, but it will not come now.

Objective! Arsenal 0-2 Man City (Bernardo Silva 64)

Er, no, it will not. The city is not deterred by the error of Aguero and come again. Mendy cuts one back from the line and Bernardo Silva, turning on a ball played a touch behind him, brilliantly past him Cech. This is a goal and, with City not at its best in this half, definitely puts the game in bed.

Silva marks the second of the city. Photo: James Baylis – AMA / Getty Images

And it celebrates. Photograph: Michael Regan / Getty Images

at 5.31 pm BST

63 minutes: Cech saves Arsenal … but it's a big mistake on the part of Aguero! Guendouzi completely misses a high ball halfway and now Aguero has half the field for himself. He takes the ball forward to Cech and, in fact, should tie the ball to De Bruyne for a tap-in. But he does it alone, takes aim, should still score, and Park Cech. Will this increase Arsenal?

at 5.25pm ​​BST

62 min: not one of the most influential days of Ozil so far. He takes a ball flying from Lichtsteiner and a reasonable move by Arsenal breaks down. At the moment, the city is getting a bit too hard for timewastings and I'm not really sure why they want to play so slowly.

60 min: … and nothing comes, two minutes after being awarded.

59 minutes: another corner for City, which does not seem more convincing right now. Lichtsteiner is animating on some bags with Laporte. Oliver has a chinwag with both and, just as he is about to take the corner, Mahrez is hooked up for De Bruyne. He moves away, in a crescendo of whistles. This set-piece took a really long time to organize …

56 min: And Lacazette has a first chance: he sits well at the edge of the "D", but does it wide, with Ederson left standing. It's more like Arsenal!

55 min: And that's the end of Ramsey, which is replaced by Lacazette. Arsenal needs an extra punch. I think I missed a Xhaka reservation there, you'll be shocked to hear.

52 minutes: Ramsey plays a touch pass that reminds me of the famous "effort" by Ricky van Wolfswinkel for Norwich at Fulham, even if in a much less dangerous position. Hearing fans at the microphone growl and mumble.

51 minutes: the City did not produce a single note with eight limbs.

50 minutes: it was a slow start of half, in truth, even if the City is seeing much more than the ball. Aguero launches a deflected attempt for a corner now, even if, after a first shot by Mendy, he is blocked.

48 min: the pound wins in advance but the city can not create anything with it; Arsenal has a break for a moment but Mkhitaryan, generally quiet until now, can not find the passage.

Peeeep! Arsenal can turn it?

We'll find out in the next one, oooh, about 49 minutes.

From Kari Tulinius:
"I'm in agreement with you, I've seen a lot of Unai Emery teams over the years, and this performance by Arsenal does not remember any of them." Emery's teams at their best are like a soccer ball. football with the players moving in perfect sync .. At their worst it's like looking at a clock whose teeth and springs are blocked and they break.Arsenal today is very similar, well, to Arsenal of the last two years, with flashes of individual quality, but little cohesion, Emery has a lot to do before this is recognizable for her team ".

Gary Naylor
(@ Garynaylor999)
I'm just thinking that the CL weeks will decide the PL @ NickAmes82? Liverpool's challenge is to increase their game on the weekends; City's is to increase their game on weekdays. The hierarchy of the city definitely wants a CL above all and I feel that the PL form will suffer a subconscious

12 August 2018

It could be – but I can not see Guardiola let them lighten up and they more or less have the team to keep on keeping …

So does Alex Whitney:
"As an Arsenal sympathizer, even against the world's first or second most expensive team, Emery's team hopes were higher than raising the ball to escape pressure in their midfield. Guendouzi could have a lot of talent, but the start by that opposition in the opening match is not going very well – "the arry's great could have provided more competition for Sterling on the goal ".
Perhaps, but what Emery really needs – and what will not enter into today's unbearably impatient society – is a year to get things the way he wants them.

at 4.55 pm BST

Matt Loten writes in:
"Although I've certainly been one of the many to believe that Sterling did a good job, if not ungrateful, at the World Cup, it's amazing how much more positive for City today, always trying to catch his man. step on the ball and look back at the deeper midfielders I can understand why Southgate asked him to play a different role for England, but I hope Gareth can find a way to get this Sterling into the national team going forward " .

Half time: Arsenal 0-1 Man City

Arsenal will probably take it. They started out pretty well, but City started spinning the screw and, after Sterling scored, he threatened to run away for a while. But the ship has been largely stabilized and there have been a couple of promising moments from the other side. The next goal will be crucial. Join me in 15 minutes to see who gets it!

Emery has some things to solve half-time. Photograph: Tom Jenkins for the Guardian

at 17.13 BST

45 + 2 min: the city gets a bit of a mess and the result is an opening for Mkhitaryan after Mendy's sloppy game. The defender recovers, however, and the ball raids behind the Arsenal man.

45 min: now we see Aubameyang. Find a good area of ​​25 meters in the left internal position and break a shot that was a bit wider than what Ederson's dive did. Still, a positive for (almost) finish half up. We still have four minutes added time.

44 min: Corner to City after a sensational change from 70 yards from Laporte to Mahrez. Have they had six hours left of Arsenal, can they count? Short answer: no.

42 min: another goes to goal by Mahrez, who makes the ball turn to his left and seems to vanish in the farthest corner. Beats Cech but curls a meter.

41 min: Some of Arsenal's attempts to build from behind have been disastrous, but their latest grant sees Gundogan, perhaps with the collapse of his toe, completely wasting a good chance to play someone.

39 min: Mahrez makes a foul from the substitute, however, after a good turn in midfield. Can Arsenal see it even if it is on a break?

37 min: Mahrez finds space to cross, but can not find anyone. Lichtsteiner did well to follow Walker's overlap there, in particular – the sign of a full-back specialist.

35 min: Maitland-Niles can barely run and, while City attacks again, the game is stopped in a sporting way to let it go. He had tough times out there, we're honest, but nobody wants to see him and it means a rejig for Arsenal. The experience of Stephan Lichtsteiner arrives for her debut. He is a right-back, but could have some wisdom against the strength of Walker and Mahrez.

33 min: A sweet move, led by Ramsey from Arsenal, brings almost a shooting chance for Mkhitaryan, but it is crowded. That was their best football in this half, though, and the crowd responded appropriately.

32 min: A bit of a break here, for the treatment of Maitland-Niles after a foul by Walker. It's actually a good thing, this break, I think for Arsenal. They have been corrected by the goal, apart from Bellerin's flicker.

30 minutes: we have not seen anything of Aubameyang yet, absolutely nothing. He has nothing to play with. But all that tends to need is a possibility.

29 minutes: double rescue from Cech! He takes his paws on the low free kick of Mahrez, low, and then, with Laporte's shot, he recovers to block the rebound point-blank. From the corner of Mahrez, Laporte throws a header to the side despite having no one close to him.

27 min: The city is cutting Arsenal's midfield at will and, after Xhaka cedes possession, Sokratis has to sharply sharpen Aguero down the edge of the area. He booked. It was a good idea to do the phallus, but this is a possibility …

25 min: Sterling is thwarted on the right of the box by a nice Maitland-Niles recovery tackle, and gets up before firing a cross-shot into the arms of a grateful Cech.

Cech saves from the pound. Photograph: Javier Garcia / BPI / REX / Shutterstock

at 4.43 pm Italian time

24 min: Arsenal tries a short spasmodic pressure, which I think City will see a little more this season, but is easily circumvented. Guardiola probably would have known what was coming.


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