Bayern boss Hoeneß gets huge malice

Recently his performance was described by Uli Hoeness as "shit", now convinced Juan Bernat as scorer for Paris at SSC Naples. Many Twitterers left the Bayern boss in the aftermath with contempt and ridicule.

In the 45th minute Juan Bernat sends a short message to Uli Hoeneß, the president of FC Bayern. The new full-back striker of Paris Saint-Germain looks straight at the cross of star-striker Kylian Mbappé and after two short contacts slides the ball flat in the lower right corner.

Whether Hoeneß, who recently described the performance of the Spaniard during his time in Bayern as a "shit", does not yet know the Parisian game. On social media, however, many users turn to the Bayern boss because of the verbal failure against Bernat – and with enough malice.