Benitez: Salah and Inseni determine the fate of Liverpool and Napoli in the Champions League - in the Jules

Rafael Benitez, former Liverpool and Napoli coach, believes that Mohamed Salah, the star of Ridz and Lorenzo Encini, the Italian side, will determine the fate of the match between the two teams on Tuesday.

Napoli is a Liverpool guest at the end of the group stage in the Champions League in a fight for a pass for the 16th round of the league.

"Many players can be decisive against Liverpool against Napoli," Benitez told Corriere dello Sport.

"Liverpool has Sadio Mani, Roberto Fermino and Daniel Sturridge, while Napoli is dependent on the capacities of Jose Cajehon, Derez Mertens, Raul Albiol and Calido Coulibaly."

"If I had to choose two, they would determine the fate of the confrontation," said Newcastle's current manager. "They are good from Liverpool and Encini from Naples."

A complex position

The third set of the Champions League was caught after Liverpool lost to PSG, the goal of Red Star to lose from Napoli.

Paris Saint-Germain won the top of the group by beating Liverpool 2-1, while Napoli defeated them 3-1.

With Napoli, the group leads nine points, one run behind Paris St Germain, while Liverpool is third with 6 points.

The last Red Star goal may be the reason for Napoli's bidding farewell to the Champions League in the event of a loss against Liverpool with a goal.

The scenario comes despite the fact that Napoli's 2-1 defeat against Liverpool gave the Italians a place to replace Reds when Paris St Germain beats Red Star.

How so? What are the possible scenarios for the three teams? shows you the fortunes of Liverpool, Naples and Paris St Germain.

Liverpool hosts Napoli in Anfield and Paris Saint-Germain takes over the red star on Tuesday.

First Liverpool:

A draw or loss would formally knock Liverpool out of the Champions League, with the best possible range at that point seven points lower than Naples and Paris St Germain.

– To win

Liverpool's victory over Napoli is inevitable to qualify, but only winning is not enough to qualify for the Reds and has certain situations.

Liverpool wins each result with two goals and qualifies him without closing accounts.

"Winning on goal" qualify Liverpool in that case if they hit one goal against the Italian team (1-0). In that case, Liverpool is at the expense of Naples, regardless of the outcome of the other match.

Because the direct confrontation between them will be the same, each of them defeats the other with one goal at home, and given the difference in goals, the pair will be equal to the pair, but also the preference for Liverpool as the time that the Reds 9 goals have scored while Naples 7.

In the case of Liverpool you win with one goal result such as (2-1) or (3-2) and the like, and only then Napoli at the expense of Liverpool.

After the double points, the Italian team is more favored because of direct matches. It is above the goal of two goals in the case of a draw because of their home victory in Italy with one goal.

In this case Liverpool can rise in the first two cases is the loss of Paris Saint-Germain and the second is the draw of the French team with Red Star for the following reasons:

– The loss of Paris Saint-Germain means scoring 8 points, while Liverpool has nine points.

– Paris St Germain connected with Red Star, the three teams are each nine points and the results of the teams are eliminated with Red Star.

This is the case with Liverpool (6 points) in the lead and Napoli with Paris Saint-Germain (5 points) each, in which case the biggest difference between Napoli and Paris Saint-Germain would be the winner. Napoli +2 will be in the best case, which means the championship will be deposited.

There is a worse situation for Liverpool, a loss for Napoli and Red Star against Paris St Germain, in which case the Liverpool results will be eliminated outside the UEFA Champions League and the European championships.

Second Naples:

A draw or victory will officially qualify Napoli for the final of the Champions League.

– Loss:

Defeat Napoli against Liverpool with the goal of pushing him out of the tournament in the event of winning Paris Saint-Germain.

Defeat Napoli against Liverpool with the goal of climbing the two teams together in the event of losing the Paris Saint-Germain or draw and equal to the three teams in the points.

The defeat of Naples with a goal but not (1-0) qualifies the Italian team at the expense of Liverpool, regardless of the outcome of the other match.

Paris Saint-Germain:

Liverpool stumbles for Napoli Paris St Germain officially qualifies next to Naples.

The victory of Paris St Germain officially brings him to the final of the Champions League.

The defeat of the French team and the victory of Liverpool oust Paris Saint-Germain in the European competition.

The difference of three points (9 points) qualifies Paris as second after Liverpool because of the advantage of the goal difference against Naples, as we explained earlier.