British athletes demand Russian blood. Are they in your thoughts?

British athletes demand Russian blood. Are they in your thoughts?


Alexander Govorov
Alexander Govorov

Photo: RIA Novosti

British athletes demand Russian blood. Are they in your thoughts?

Now can an athlete accuse Russia of doping without proof? If so, let this sport burn in hell.


In one way or another, relations with Great Britain have not arisen at all in Russia lately. Sport is no exception. Today the British shake again with a loud statement in which they demanded that the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) does not restore the rights of RUSADA in an ultimatum. And the Association of British Athletes did it. The sports world has come so far that now every athlete can blame the entire country for using drugs without evidence. And no consequences. Everyone pretends to be normal. Are we crazy in Russia or the world around us?

British athletes demand to extend the disqualification of RUSADA

"Recognition from Russia is a catastrophe for fair sports"

In general, this scheme has already become a classic. Let's understand. September 20 will be held by the WADA Executive Committee, which will consider the issue of restoring RUSADA. As usual, pressure from stakeholders begins before such important events. It is clear that the British will lay their bones, but they will try to prevent the restoration of Russian rights. But now the association of British athletes has exceeded all limits. You just read what they say.

"The Russian side still did not meet some of the conditions it set, so their recognition by the agency would be a catastrophe for pure sport, we are competing according to the rules, so we expect the same from the institutions that manage the sport and our reputation If you ignore the conditions that Russia has not fulfilled, ignore the opinions and wishes of the players you are defending Athletes will not be able to believe in this system Recognition of Russia undermines confidence in the basic principles of fair play, which sports is being built. "

First, it is a matter for athletes to compete and not to deal with legal issues. There are relevant settings for this. For such statements, and made in an official form, you have to think about the disqualification is not Russia, but these same brave British athletes. Secondly, to demand the disqualification of the whole country? Are you serious guys? This goes far beyond the limits of adequacy. If there is enough open letter from a number of athletes to exclude the entire country from sport without any proof, then we live in a pretty bad world.

The inviolable. The American will not be punished for a steroid of the Rodchenkov cocktail

Because the drugs were in the flesh. This is normal in the US. There are even cows on doping.

What should I do now?

Respond quickly and hard. When favorite athletes like it Martena Fourcade talking about the disqualification of RUSAD and Russian sports, this is also wrong. But at least you understand the motivation of the legendary biathlete, which theoretically prevents the Russians from winning new medals. But when the British nouveams come up with such statements, it is absurd. Sarah Winkless, Kalum Skinner, Ali Javad, Liam Tankok – who are all these people?

If in the near future we do not see the reaction of the IOC, WADA and other institutes of world sports, it will be right to ask, and why these institutions are needed at all? However, we have asked this question more than once. The inability to deal with sport has become a feature of these organizations. There are opportunities for the recovery of RUSADA, and they are pretty good. Even in WADA they began to understand that nothing but the words of Grigory Rodchenkov were against Russia. And if WADA's decision influences the open letter from unknown British athletes, then you can finish everything. Generally everything.