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Carragher made the half-time comment on Chelsea's 6-0 defeat at Manchester City on Sunday.

The Blues lost 4-0 in the first leg and went to their third away defeat in the Premier League.

The Liverpool legend said on Sky Sports on Sunday: "I called a couple of Chelsea shows a disgrace in this game – this is the worst of anything else.

"Looking at Sarri, it's obviously little more than halfway through his first season, but the worst thing I could say is that he turned Chelsea into Arsenal.

"That team from Arsenal who has been beaten at home in big games in the last seven or eight years because they are too weak.

"You can never say this about Chelsea, no matter what happened, they are weak.

"We are watching a really weak soccer team here."

And now the Monday Night Football, Carragher reiterated his commentary and explained why he did it.

He indicated some heavy defeats that Arsenal has suffered in recent years, particularly in Liverpool, Manchester United and Chelsea.

And he says that Chelsea is starting to lose games against rivals like Arsenal.

"Yup [I stand by it]"Carragher said.

"The reason I say it's because probably in the last five or six years when I look at Arsenal, they end up in big games.

"There was an 8-2, I think of Manchester United, he was a 5-1 at Anfield a few years ago, he was a 6-0 against Chelsea.

"What we are seeing now from Chelsea is very similar.

"He's not losing big games, it's like they're losing them.

"What I saw yesterday [Sunday], you were a little surprised. "

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