Chelsea: the rumors about Ethan Ampadu's loan are just too perfect, but let's hope

There are rumors about Derby County and Aston Villa looking at Ethan Ampadu for a second half loan. Rarely has Chelsea two ideal options on the table, making the more realistic third option much more likely.

John Terry and Frank Lampard do everything they can to carry Chelsea-kit around their respective clubs when it comes to developing their loanes. To be honest, Terry probably carries a full Chelsea kit every day under his Aston Villa equipment, you know, just in case. Mason Mount, Fikayo Tomori and Tammy Abraham teach great football and football that is relevant to their hopeful career at their parents' association. Terry and Lampard do, as far as their components are concerned, what every parent club dreams of for their loanees. Partly because they are great men of the sport, partly because they are Blues forever.

Derby County and Aston Villa will be the second largest place for a young Chelsea player. Perhaps they are already the best place for a young Chelsea player, as the first Chelsea team has no room for such players. Ethan Ampadu is one of those players. If there was anything to the rumors of a loan.

In Aston Villa Ethan Ampadu would learn how he could be a Chelsea center, back from the biggest. Ampadu already has Terry's self-sacrificing physicality, throws himself to the ball and to opponents if necessary to protect his goal. And he does it incredibly intelligent for such a young player. Ampadu has the calm and calm of Andreas Christensen's version of last year. He still has to grow physically, but that is what loans are for.

When Chelsea sent Ampadu to Derby County, he could learn the tricks of the defensive midfield. The genius level of Lampard in the midfield as a player simply moves to his coaching. Derby County midfield played at the Premier League level last week in the Carabao Cup, despite the fact that the players were so young and the club was more than ten years away from the top flight.

The career of Ampadu could just as easily take him to the defensive midfield as the middle in the back could. He has shown with Wales how capable he is, both dribbling and passing. Ryan Giggs lets him play just before the backline in the transition to defense, but moves aggressively forward to switch to a foul. This has given him the chance to release brilliant diagonal balls to send the Welsh attack to the last third.

Ethan Ampadu is one of the top talents of Chelsea, which means he runs the biggest risk of being wasted by watching the first team (see also: Loftus-Cheek, Ruben). He would have to play 25-30 first-team games per season at this stage of his career. He currently has zero and three in the Premier League 2. He suffered a recent relapse from the injury during international service but that was after he was left out of Europa League and Carabao Cup parties.

Ampadu played 45 minutes last week with the U23 & # 39; s and is in the squadron of Wales for the Nations League games next week. By the end of the international break he could have more minutes for his country than his club – at all levels – in the 2018/19 campaign.

Like Callum Hudson-Odoi, Ethan Ampadu should seize the opportunity to take a second half loan. Chelsea should also jump on such an offer. Otherwise they risk that these players take the Jadon Sancho or – closer to home – Jonathan Panzo and Harvey St. Clair route from a teenager transfer instead of a long fall in the liege army.

Derby County and Aston Villa are both ideal credit destinations for Ethan Ampadu. Each would train him on a specific aspect of his game, perhaps as an important turning point in his career. At least he would play. He could easily finish the season with 20 gigs in both clubs.

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