Cherepovchanin became the author of the decisive goal in the match of the Russian national hockey team against Finland - GorodChe

In their opening game in the third phase of the Euro Tour – the Swedish games – Russian hockey players beat the Finnish team 3-2 in the shootout. The meeting took place in Yaroslavl in the Arena 2000. Lokomotiv.

Guests opened the account within 28 seconds of the start of the meeting, according to RBC. Mikko Lehtonen conducted a trip at the gate of the blue line, and Niko Oyamaki of the patch corrected the puck in the gate of Ilya Konovalov.

In the 5 th minute, the Russians restored the equality in the score. Sergei Shumakov made the transfer from the starboard to the nearest post, Denis Zernov threw the puck to the penny and Ilya Mikheev threw it accurately into the support under the crossbar.

The 2nd period was scoreless, and at the beginning of the 3rd period Mikheyev led the Russian national team forward. Omsk Avangard-striker took the puck from an opponent on the blue line of the Finnish team, broke through to the goal and came near the corner with a wrist run.

At the end of the 3rd period, the head coach of the Finnish national team, Jukka Jalonen, replaced the goalkeeper of the team Weini Vehviläinen by the 6th fielder and 8 seconds before the siren the score was the same. Mikko Lehtonen grabbed the puck on the blue line and threw it into the "nine" with brushes.

In case of overtime, the Russian national team did not realize a numerical advantage in a four by three game. In the shootout, teams had to make 9 shots each to determine the winner. Dmitry Dynamo, former Dynamo Moscow, ex-captain of Serestal Cherepovets, became the author of the decisive goal.

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