Chess player Lázaro Bruzón leaves the national preselection of Cuba

Grandmaster Lázaro Bruzón Batista. Photo: FIDE.

The National Chess Commission provides, according to the most recent events, an update of the state of affairs in its relations with the Grandmaster Lázaro Bruzón Batista.

On July 31 of this year, the chess player told us that he would travel to the United States with his ordinary passport, to attend personal affairs and to take part in a tournament.

He was instructed to process the application in the high school of high performance athletes Giraldo Córdova Cardín (ESFAAR), with which he had signed a contract and therefore was part of their registration. He did not do it

On August 17, Rodney Pérez, the player's coach, sent our concerns about the health of the athlete from Las Tunas and his inability to integrate the team into the upcoming World Chess Olympiad to our committee.

A message was received from the United States in which Bruzón confirmed that he had experienced a crisis of the disease that had been happening some time ago, and for this reason the selection was prevented from being integrated into the Georgian city of Batumi, the headquarters of the universal competition. .

That is why we advise you to return to Cuba to organize your proper treatment through the Institute of Sports Medicine, and was immediately replaced by the Olympic team, which placed the Grand Master Yaser Quesada in place.

Bruzón explained during the consecutive exchanges that he was already under medical treatment and that he also appreciated the possibility of studying in the United States.

Having signed his contract with the ESFAAR Cardín and his membership of the Cuban chess preselection, he had to return to the country and resume his treatment and preparation here.

In recent days, the integration of Bruzón and Grandmaster Yunieski Quesada into the team at Webster University for the 2018-2019 season has come to light. This second athlete is not part of the Cuban preselection since the academic year 2016-2017 and was based in his province.

In view of these circumstances, Bruzón's membership in the ESFAAR Cardín and the national pre-selection of Cuba has ceased.

National chess committee