Cinema A single man facing the elements and facing himself during the Vendée Globe

It is an ofni (unidentified floating object) that is coming out on movie screens today under the name of its eponymous project "As One Man". Directed by Eric Bellion during his Vendée Globe (2016-2017) with the images he himself shot on board, this feature film (1 h 22) unpublished, broadcast by UGC, makes us live from the inside. initiatory journey (99 days) of this skipper who had never spent more than six days alone at sea. We accompany him in his happiness, his doubts and fears, especially when entering the Indian Ocean and his roaring forties, or when repairing his broken saffron. Shot in selfie mode, this film has the flaws of its qualities. We identify with his hero and the emotions go through the viewer, but this documentary would have won to show more the daily life of a navigator (maneuvers, strategy, etc.) and to make room for dressing (cartography) to better explain the areas crossed. not. G.

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