Clouds and cold air lingers until Monday

Speech to the text for Chelsea's Morning Morning Forecast: Clouds and cold air lingers until Monday

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otherwise, temperatures will only be on the colder side with most at the start of the day at mid and 30s higher. all day long we'll see the clouds struggle to disappear completely. the sun begins to return by afternoon. but still, some clouds will remain throughout the day. it should be completely dry mid-morning with temperatures rising in the mid-40s this afternoon. the skies clear out in the night with temperatures over the 20s and above 30 on Tuesday mornings. the sun will be abundant both on Tuesdays and Wednesdays with temperatures dropping in the morning of the 30s. then on Wednesday, the highs reach the age of 50. we will see the clouds come back gradually on Wednesday evening, becoming more widespread on your Thursday. Also on Thursday, the showers start moving in the region. and these rains become more widespread in the afternoon and evening latest news … many died after an Iranian military cargo plane crash, many died after a load of the Iranian army