Conference of the stellar fight of 15 September in the T-Mobile Arena

From Jaime Estrada
Jorge Najera

Metro news Las Vegas.- Recently it was the final conference of the star players Saúl Álvarez and Gennady Golovkin who bring hate and jarocho (Canelo). I avoid the classic face to face, but we go in parts to taste the stock. It was said that private interviews were held at around 10 a.m. in the morning, but Eric Gomez was the one who led the formal meeting (because there were no traces of Oscar de la Hoya or his Ana Valencia) and was given the opportunity at the microphone Of all the sponsors involved in the KA theater where there was not as much press as expected, it was finally said that all tickets were officially sold, but that there are still seats in the closed circuit for the price of $ 100 .

Mauricio Sulaiman President of the WBC presented the special belt made by the native hands of Chiapas with the rare material of Amber found only in Chiapas and Russia and that will be awarded to the one who comes with his arm on Saturday 15 September. Mauricio thanked God for the opportunity to witness this struggle that will undoubtedly be remembered for decades.

And it was said what should not be said, but during the conference there was no offense because both warriors know that the last word will be the guantadas, Triple G with the colors of the tricolor flag in their tennis was as always very economical of words if you say it is a very big date and that it feels good in all aspects and states ready to deliver a great fight and added that no one can miss it.

Canelo, who looked at himself with a tense face, said that he already said what was being said and that the fight was around the corner and added that his career should never take its place in the bickering with his opponents, but he is ready to gravitate towards Gennady on the canvas that is his goal and hopes that everyone can enjoy this fight that undoubtedly characterizes a more legacy for his career in the brave stage.

The bets remain in favor of GGG with a margin of -155, cinnamon is +125

If you have eleven laps, you pay -280 and if you do not make the eleven rounds, you will pay +230.

Álvarez decides by decision 2 × 1, by knockout 8 × 1

Golovkin decides by decision 2×1, by knockout 11 × 5

And the most attractive is the draw that pays 18 x 1.

Tomorrow is Thursday the press conference of the rest of the billboard and in the afternoon there will be fights in the Hard Rock, where we will see the Diva Marisela Cornejo facing a diva that is Franchon Crews-Dez for the WBC middleweight women's championship.