Connoisseur Niko Kovac: Bayern trainer has a ritual for every game

Connoisseur Niko Kovac: Bayern trainer has a ritual for every game

Kingsley Coman gives Bayern the extra push

The Bayern again lead the Bundesliga, but they appear squint this season, but especially on the Champions League title. Is that realistic?
Bayern can win the Champions League this season. The team is excellent, grown together over the years. Ribéry and Robben are still at the highest level, age is not crucial. It is important that Kingsley Coman is fit again. He gives Bavaria the extra push with his speed.

Did you expect your former teammate Niko Kovac to have made such a good start?
I played with Niko in Hamburg and Leverkusen, know him very well. In Leverkusen we had a round of cards, we played clutter together, Niko and Robert Kovac were there too. It does not surprise me that he arrives well in Bavaria. He also needs luck in the important games in the coming months, I wish him.

Has Kovac thought as a player as a coach?
That's what you can say. As a player, Niko was very intelligent. He secured the others when they rushed forward. He was not super fast, but he had a good overview, a feeling for the situations and a good passing game.

A buddy Kovac is not, says David Alaba: "He knows exactly what he wants."
Niko is a very direct type, structured. That was already the case in Leverkusen. When we were in the hotel one day before the game and wanted to eat, Niko said: "I always pray for food." So we waited for him. It worked for three years. I think it is fantastic that he had such a clear line and still has it. We have respected him for that. Niko is very disciplined. It's just in a person.


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