Data analysis, or how the Astros won the World Series

Data analysis, or how the Astros won the World Series

Professional sports teams have always relied on their lifelong experience to make important decisions about players and plays. In recent years, however, they increasingly use sophisticated data analysis to refine their recruitment and gaming strategies.

A good example is the data analysis program that enabled the Houston Astros to switch from the last place in the World Series Baseball League to winning the title in 2017 in just four years. strategic consultant McKinsey explains the details in an article on your company page.

The analysis research had to be done throughout the organization, not just on the workbench, and therefore organizational barriers had to be discarded. It was necessary to adjust behavior so that the changes were logical and permanent.

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One of the most important factors was to involve people who had no relationship with the entire analysis process and who became part of the daily routine.

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