"Debala with a sum of money." Italian newspaper reveals Juventus offer to become a member of Salah

Italian media reports revealed some of the details of the offer that the management of Juventus would move to Liverpool to include the Egyptian Mohamed Salah.

According to the widely spread newspaper Toto Sport, the financial value of Mohammed Salah has reached 200 million euros, forcing the Juventus administration to find a solution for the player.

Juventus plans to offer 50 million euros, while Paulo Debala is fired by Liverpool to win the signing of Salah.

In the same context, the newspaper La Repubblica Italian confirmed that the administration of Juventus is currently trying to provide as much liquidity as possible to meet the expected requests from Liverpool.

The British newspaper The Guardian has previously confirmed that Juventus wants to include Mohammed Salah, while the Portuguese newspaper Abola reported that the old lady's Cristiano Ronaldo player agreed to an agreement with the Egyptian.

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