Employees fan club "Spartacus": UEFA has banished typing of the game, I am in shock

Employees fan club "Spartacus": UEFA has banished typing of the game, I am in shock

An employee of the Spartak fan club, Alexander Sergeyev, said that the UEFA delegate had banished the red and white fans from the 4th round of the group stage in the Europa League with the Rangers (4: 3).

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"Yesterday the delegate of the contest forbade the typhee commentary for Spartak fans during the contest with Rangers.This reaction is organized by the All-Russian Society of the Blind, we have accredited the employees, they have given all the passes, they are arrived and the deputy of the match said there would be no comment.

I am shocked that he came out two hours before the game, when the fans had already arrived, but I could not solve the problem. He simply did nothing-he went out and said that he did not allow him to have time to explain and understand. He said he does not have permission, although this is in no way the match, because there is accreditation and permission from the club. Nothing is needed from UEFA, nobody has even walked around the field.

Ten people simply could not attend the game, they could not do it without special equipment, but did not come into contact with the match. For the commentator was accreditation. Even if there were no letters, I do not understand why it was impossible to solve the problem on the spot. As they say in such cases: "desire has a thousand possibilities and unwillingness has a thousand reasons." I do not think there is anything personal here, it's just that he did not want to meet.

This was our first attempt to make such a comment during the European Cup match. In the championship of Russia we did it more than once, we had no problems. We have already contacted the Access Center for Football, which has helped us many times, where they said we had to make such comments, that everyone does this in Europe. Now, in the best traditions of European top clubs, we have been banned. I hope that the Access Center for Football in Europe will deal with this incident, he is a UEFA partner, "Sergeyev said in an interview with the championship correspondent Maxim Pakhomov.

UEFA has opened a disciplinary case against Spartak