Eusebio Sacristán: "We have to have the cold head, it can not always be won"

"We wanted to win, this was our intention during the 90 minutes, but we had to do it wisely, at least we could not lose the tie and we did not lose it", said Eusebio, who saw Girona unbeatable four weeks ago. "We kept the target for the second half, while maintaining their attacks, we tried to create danger, but it cost us, when everything was opened, the options were for both, everything has been very competitive and we have worked hard, the badger is just. "

Asked about the problems of attacking the defense of Madrid, the VLS replied: "We tried to get every meter, with control, attacks by band, depth … The Leganés competed very well with individual duels and played a leading role. It has not given us such a clear ball as other rivals and it is always difficult to attack these defenses, we thought we could find the goal in the way we worked and we waited for it, but that did not come true. Eventually everything could happen and we did not want to play with a coin in the air. "Eusebio appreciated the tie very positively. "Our fans always support us and we can add that we can take positions in the classification, we have to have the cold head, it can not always be won and we have to pay attention to each point," he concluded.