Family war for the funeral of Assauer

Even before the funeral a family coat of arms rages for the late Rudi Assauer. The accusation was that Assauer was kept away from his closest companions. Involved in the dispute are two half-sisters, two former life partners, two show stars and a secretary. The old, open bill is calculated on a funeral announcement published by "WAZ".

bearing formation

The Family War runs along two camps. On the one hand Bettina Michel, the daughter of Assauer from the relationship with his early childhood love Sonya. She took care of him for years until his death. And Sabine Söldner, his secretary for decades. She has general authority for Rudi Assauer after his death.

On the other side are Katy Assauer, daughter of her first marriage, Simone Thomalla, star actress, who for nine years was the companion of Assauer (2000-2009). Sophia Thomalla: her daughter, who became famous as a model and presenter. Like Beate Schneider, who for 11 years was the companion of Rudi Assauer (1987-1999).

waz.jpg© WAZ

Next to the big black cross is the controversial text passage: "On the difficult road you left behind, proximity and distance to your loved ones could no longer be determined." Now we hug you again and unfortunately we say goodbye. "

This is an attack on Assunders daughter Bettina. She is accused of having kept away the closest companions of Rudi Assauer. She left him & # 39; locked up & # 39; for them.

And Sophia Thomalla posted on Instagram: "Unfortunately, a relationship was not really at the end, means, I will not say goodbye."