FilGoal | News Maran Zamalek - Odeh Boutaib .. and the absence of five to compete against Ahli in the 1997 match

Zamalek striker Khaled Boutaib returned to the team after his absence last week for his father's funeral in Morocco.

Bouteib missed a 4-0 win over Gore Mahia of Kenya in the fifth round of the Confederations Cup, a win that coach Christian Gross congratulated him on in a technical and motivating session with them for the start of the season on Tuesday.

Gros demanded that the players remain the same performance and spirit, and a strong focus in the face of Algeria's Nasr Hussein Dai in the sixth round of the Sunday group stage.

The technical staff of Khamis Mohamed Ibrahim, Mohamed Antar, Ahmed Madbouli, Mohamed Abdel Salam and Omar Salah, were born in partnership with the youth club in club 97 for the Al Ahli Republic championship scheduled for this afternoon.

Five Zamalek were absent from the match at the club's stadium as part of the preparations for the Algerian victory.

The players who participated in the meeting with Gur Mahiya from Kenya held a training exercise on the sidelines of Al-Muran, where the players ran through the stadium and then trained in the gym.

The Zamalek technical team is assigned to these players to overcome fatigue due to the pressure of the matches and the players who receive the maximum amount of hospitalization.

The technical team awarded special physical and rehabilitation to the players of the team substitutes who did not participate in the Gore Mahia meeting, under the supervision of the assistant coach of Gross and Ayman Abdulaziz.

He played with the substitutes who did not participate in the game against Gore Mahia, Tarek Hamed, the midfielder, despite his participation in the game. Gros preferred his presence, mainly because he was relieved to meet Petro Atletico in Angola in the fourth round due to his suspension. That match.

The odds of Zamalek are eligible against Hussein Dai

In the final round Zamalek faces the victory of Hussein Dai, hostess Gore Mahia Petro Atletico and here we check all the possibilities.

Zamalek's victory in Algeria qualifies him as the leader of the group without considering other results.

Zamalek signs in Algeria and Gour Mahia's victory over Petro Atletico means Zamalek qualifying as the 9-point leader, followed by Gore Mahia.

Zamalek came right in Algeria and Gour Mahia tied with Petro Atletico, Zamalek led the group with 9 points and qualified with Petro Atletico, which is supported by direct confrontations with Nasr Hussein Dai.

Zamalek signs in Algeria, and Petro Atletico & # 39; s win over Gore Mahia means Zamalek qualifying for the Angolan team.

What if Zamalek lost in Algeria?

If Zamalek loses in Algeria, Gour Mahia wins at home against Petro Atletico, who is third with 8 points behind Nasr Hussein Dai (10 points) and Jor Mahia (9 points).

If Zamalek loses in Algeria, Gour Mahia tied with Petro Atletico, Zamalek qualifies for a win for Nasr Hussein Day, where Al-White will benefit from his superiority in direct confrontations with the Angolan team.

If Zamalek lost in Algeria, Petro Atletico defeated Gore Mahia, Nasr Hussain Day and Petro Atletico qualified together and Zamalek left the tournament.

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