Football players "Lokomotiv" and "Dynamo" divided points in the RPL game

MOSCOW, September 14 – RIA Novosti, Anatoly Samokhvalov. Moscow "Lokomotiv" in the home game of the seventh round of the Russian championship could not beat the "Dynamo" of the capital.

The meeting, which was held on Friday in the "Lokomotiv" stadium in Moscow, ended in a draw – 1: 1. The score in the match at the 5th minute was opened by Dynamo-striker Miguel Cardozo, Lokomotiv played on the 32nd minute thanks to the goal of midfielder Anton Miranchuk.

Restless Kryhovyak

Forward "Locomotive" Fyodor Smolov, who scored a goal for the two-way runners earlier, but was not called to the Russian national team for matches with Turkey and the Czech Republic, stayed in reserve with Dynamo in reserve. Eder came into place from the first minutes. Jefferson Farfan stayed on the bench.

Already in the 5th minute "Dynamo" opened an account. Beginner "blue and white" Miguel Cardozu, for the first time in the basic line-up, won the supreme fight for the parachute from the left side of Constantine Raush and his head, not very attached to the ball, hit the corner of the gate "Locomotive".

Forward "Dynamo" Miguel Cardoso looks forward to the goal

Railway workers tried to take advantage of quick attacks, the way out of defense was not only due to the supporting midfielder Igor Denisov, but also with the help of Alexei Miranchuk, but when approaching the penalty "Dynamo" acted the owners of the Cherkizovo arena ingeniously, conquer the ball and could only score the position of individual artists.

Master to wait for the rebound. Grzegorz Kryhovyak was in the scoring position at the gate of Anton Shunin, but his shot was blocked by Dynamo defender Sebastian Holmen. Kryhovyak did not calm down and was the first to respond to the transfer of Manuel Fernandes with a free kick. Shunin struck immediately, but Anton Miranchuk had to finish for the first time. 1: 1.

Football players "Locomotive" rejoiced their goal

In the actions of "Loco" seemed to range, now his advantage was not purely territorial, but total. "Dynamo" did not leave almost half of the field and allowed a large number of marriages. But the head coach of "Locomotive" Yuri Semin was not happy, and from the first minute of the second half on the field came out and Smolov, and Farfan. It is interesting that the first has replaced the author of Anton Miranchuk's goal.

Fog "Dynamo"

Variety "Locomotive" remained dependent on the actions of Fernandes and the remaining Miranchuk, sometimes on the shock position in someone else's punishment appeared and Denisov. Smolov went looking for the ball, but often stayed without him. And yet the most dangerous moments created the "Dynamo".

Forward "Dynamo" Kirill Panchenko (left) and midfielder "Locomotive" Igor Denisov

Low Anton Sosnin, who arrived just like a substitute, hit his head out of the field of 11 meters, but Marinato Guilherme reacted to the ball. And after Tony Shunich could not touch the target goal of the owners of meters of five! Dynamo attacked without frills, but they did it more often and almost every attack ended with punches. Especially active on the field at these moments was Joãozinho.

And in the 66th minute, "Loco" remained in the minority after the second yellow card was Kryhovyak. The game went on the oncoming courses, and the chances to score more were Dynamo. Eugene Markov hit the bar and stretched out Gilerme, and the "Locomotive" tried to take on the game Smolov. From the depth of the forward movement worked no more effective than on the point.

Forward "Locomotive" Fedor Smolov (center)

Fernandes could become the hero of the meeting, on the 88th minute he was not in the usual busy case in the middle of the field, but instead of the central striker, but he could not exactly penetrate the far corner of Shunin's goal. .