For the love of his Elisa? Cologne Sörensen canceled Hanover!

That's a crazy story!

Frederik Sörensen (26) prefers to play in the stands in Cologne than to play Bundesliga in Hannover!

As BILD now learned, the 96 were interested in the FC Danes, searched until the last transfer day (31.8.) Desperate for a central defender. Sörensen, who really wanted to keep playing League 1, refused in any case.

"He had the opportunity to change, but she did not see it for a number of reasons, he has to decide," FC coach Markus Anfang (44) said to BILD last week.

The main reason should be Sörensens friend Elisa!

The beautiful Italian (former volleyball player) actually wanted to return home. But there was no change in Italy at Soerensen.

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Photo: Andreas Pohl

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Spent the weekend in Vienna: Sörensen and his beautiful friend ElisaPhoto: Andreas Pohl

How is his sport?

For the pros, Sörensen hardly has any opportunities for work. He trains professionally, does not get hung up. It is quite possible that he will soon be playing one or the other game for the weakening U21.

Start: "Frederik has accepted his situation, we talk to each other regularly, and I have also praised him for his way to accept the training, he is a professional through and through."

Sörensen and Elisa moved to their new apartment in Cologne last week. And Elisa is visibly at ease and proudly shows her cozy home on her social channels. Your Freddy has a contract in Cologne until 2021.