Former "Nantes" striker Emiliano Sala was killed by injuries to the head and the torso

In the tragic history of the death of Emiliano Salya, a complete stop. At least, the cause of death of the Cardiff striker is now officially known. An autopsy showed that the footballer died from head and trunk injuries. So it almost excludes the version that Sale could leave the plane. Apparently the death took place immediately after the collapse of PA 46 Malibu.

All this is very sad, but now at least Emiliano's family members understand something about what happened to him.

Remember that the body of Salah can still be found between the wreck of 4 February at a depth of 63 meters. He was brought to the surface and identified. At the same time, the body of the pilot David Ibbotson has not yet been found.

Yesterday, Nantes, from where Sala moved to Cardiff, again honored Emiliano's memory. This was the first game of the French team, not after the disaster, but after the announcement of the death of the Argentinian. That is why Nantes did everything to lead Salah with dignity. The footballers participated in the game against Nima in special black T-shirts with the name of the striker. Before the start whistle they gathered in a circle and together with the entire stadium they formed a minute's silence in memory of the attacker. Of course, both goals from the goal of Nimes were dedicated to Sale.

Indeed, after the first half to win 2: 0, the second owners failed. And got four goals, eventually lost 2: 4. But the result of yesterday's game was secondary. The most important thing – "Nantes" organized a sort of goodbye to Sala in the right way.

A few days ago "Nantes" usually removed the number of Emiliano from the bloodstream. Now no one in the French club has the right to play with this figure on the back. Somewhat controversial, but still touching the decision "Nantes".

  • January 20, 2019 Nantes sold his top scorer Emiliano Salou in the Premier League – Cardiff paid 18 million euros for an Argentinian.
  • The next day Sala flew on his own initiative to Nantes to say goodbye to friends of the club. During the return flight to Cardiff single-engine aircraft PA 46 Malibu disappeared from the radar.
  • Search services for multiple days looking for a crash site, but not found. Family members of Sala collected 300 thousand euros for private searches (footballers helped with money), and alone On 4 February, the plane and body of Emiliano Sala were finally found. at the bottom of the ocean near the island of Guernsey.