Guilty and consequences of the elimination of Tri Femenil

The elimination of Mexican Women & # 39; s National Team of the championship Concacaf It will accuse many names as guilty, but a combination of several factors, some of which can be prevented, has materialized the failure.


Roberto Medina came to the Tri in early 2017 as a result of the resignation of Leonardo Cuéllar and after being part of the same structure during the training of the U-20 team. His arrival was more of a consequence than a clue, which was not officially done.

Despite this change and after the first warning: not classifying it Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

The lack of strong football projects for women in the Concacaf area, with the exception of Canada and the United States, world powers, increases the mistakes made with this Tri.

Yet it must be remembered that this generation was still the generation made with players who were selected even without national competition.

Charlyn Corral, Bianca Sierra and Cecilia Santiago are just a few examples of players who want to start their career in the United States and later in Europe. The dream of a competition in Mexico was not a narrow possibility.


Interestingly, despite opening the way in Spain and Iceland, to name a few competitions, only a handful of these players have the opportunity to join the local competition, both by the age limit (only four players can be older than 24 years) and because of the restriction that exists with regard to Mexican Americans.

Bianca Henninger, Bianca Sierra, Kaitlyn Johnson, Monica Flores, Kiana Palacios and other players have been selected, but can not be military in the competition of the country of which they also have citizenship.

Liga MX Femenil was created to strengthen the national teams, but the biggest team was largely excluded from that support, precisely because they still do not have a consolidated team, in contrast to the Sub 20 which is gradually being favored.


Efforts to improve the preparation of the Tri have improved, but not all with the requirement required to grow constantly.

Prior to the hemisphere, El Tri had two very demanding friendly matches in France, one against the national team and the other against PSG. He also faced the United States twice (where he was 4-1 and 6-2) for the Central American Games, where they won the gold medal.

The level of these rivals contrasts with that of the tour that was held in March in Turkey, where they were confronted with Latvia, Jordan and Poland.

The lack of sponsorship has also been a problem that affects a number of selected individuals, such as Charlyn Corral, who have not received support despite their performance.


The elimination of France 2019 means that many players have to wait until 2023 (even without a seat) for a new chance to play a World Cup.

The bulk of the current team will be about 30 years or older and the generation that played the U20 World Cup this year will be the one who raises his hand to take the baton at that level.