Hany Ramzy contrasts Zamalek president in PETROSport

Zamalek president Horta Ramzi received national coach Hani Ramzi in the Petrosport stadium during his recent visit to the White Team game against army veterans. The match between the two teams at Petrosport Stadium in the sixth round of the Premier League.

<img alt = "Hani Ramzi joins Zamalek President in Petrosport Hall"
Hani Ramzi reacts to the head of Zamalek in the Petrosport stand

Hani Ramzi would like to sit next to Mourtada Mansour on the places that have been assigned to members of the Zamalek Club, after receiving the head of the Aqaba fortress.

Hani Ramzi meets President Zamalek at the Petrosport stand [19659007] Zamalek went into the face of the army with a team consisting of: "Mahmoud Yinch, Hazem Imam, Alloush, Mahmoud Alaa, Bahaa Magdy in the defense line, Tarek Hamed, Farajani Sassi, Obama, Mohamed Ibrahim, Ibrahim Hassan on the midfield, Kasongo in attack. "

<img alt = "Hani Zamalek at Zamalek President in Petrosport" 19659003]Hani Ramzi meets Zamalek president in PETROSport

The first team entered the game with the formation of: "Mohamed Bassam in the goalkeeper, Mohamed Abu El-Magd Bothea and El Fil, Ahmed Sami and Ahmed Samir in the defense line, Frank and Mohamed Rizk and the faithful Ibrahim and Karim Tariq on the midfield, Tala Ndayay and Ahmed Jaafar in line. "

<img alt = "Hani Ramzi meets Zamalek head at PetroSport stand" src = "https://img.youm7.com/ArticleImgs/2018/9/13/150346-41710806_342129339692974_25 (19659003) Hani Ramzi at Zamalek head at Petrosport stand