Höler: "We had a perfect plan"

Freiburg: to the 1: 1 in Bayern

In the match at Bayern, attacker Lucas Höler stood alone for the second time in the first eleven this season – and advanced with his late equalizer to the celebrated man of Freiburg. Thanks to the 24-year-old, the sports club scored the first point in Munich after the loss of 14 games at a given time. So good mood Höler turned the questions in the interview zone after the 1: 1.

Lucas Höler

Have a "perfect ball" and transformed it: Lucas Höler.

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Mr. Höler, a week ago you scored against Borussia Mönchengladbach from 47.5 meters, against Bayern now up close: spectacular targets seem to lie to you, right?

(grin) Yes, certainly. It would be nice to continue.

How did you experience your hit?

When Tim was replaced, it was clear that I was the only head now, my place was between Sule and Boateng. I saw that Günni (Christian Günter, editor of the Red.) Gets the ball to the left and then it is clear that he touches him behind the chain. I just had to be careful not to run too early so as not to be sidelined. The ball was perfect, so I just had to push it over the line.

And then there was no stopping.

It was really cool. It is an incredible feeling when you get the 0: 1 in the 80th minute and so returns. I knew Günni could play such balls behind the defense. Of course, after the last whistle, it was pure joy, the enormous relief that we were rewarded here.

With a point for your team probably least expected. Also because with Nils Petersen and Florian Niederlechner the regular strikers of Freiburg were injured.

I think we have a wide team so that everyone can join the other. It is, of course, bitter that Florian and Nils were injured, but we did well too.

By "we" you mean Tim Kleindienst, who played rather little, and he himself. Because two seem to have found this time.

Hell yes. The coach said we should be compact in 4-4-2, 45 meters from the target and pissed – I think we did well. Although we did not play the small pinpricks we could place, it was ultimately only a moment.

This one moment, your goal, brought Freiburg a point – in Munich, in the Allianz Arena. Have you finally arrived in the Bundesliga?

So I can not say exactly that shortly after the race. In the last round I also made 14 matches, in general I was reasonably satisfied. But to score two goals in two matches, to help the team, is of course of the utmost importance. The coach knows that he can always bring me.

The Bavarians, on the other hand, presented themselves rather weakly. Do you agree with that?

I think we had a perfect plan, which was very well implemented by us as a team. Yes, Bayern is of course not as good as they are known at the moment, but they still have very good individual players. We have done very well, we have earned it.

Goalkeeper Alexander Schwolow praised your attitude and said that you took your chance. You have not played a lot this season, but you still have to be fully engaged – how hard is that?

Of course it is difficult, everyone wants to play. But if you have a Nils Petersen and a Florian Niederlechner in the team, it is clear that they have a bonus because they have done so much for the club. You have to stand in the back, wait for the chance and use it. I think I did pretty well now. The coach knows that he can count on me if he needs me. I try to continue to make as many games as possible.

Next week, your team will welcome Mainz, a milestone game against a direct rival for the competition.

We will now enjoy the victory and rest from the English week for a day or two. We will train normally in the coming week. Before the game against Mainz, the coach will hopefully give us a perfect plan again – then we will see how we can implement it on Saturday.

Recorded by Moritz Scheidel

Bundesliga, 2018/19, 10th matchday

Bayern Munich – SC Freiburg 1: 1

Bayern Munich - SC Freiburg 1: 1


The fans of Munich are looking forward to the home game on Matchday 10 against SC Freiburg.

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