How concerned are the Panthers about their play-off hope after they have been called by the Steelers?

How concerned are the Panthers about their play-off hope after they have been called by the Steelers?

According to my expert, loss with 31 points is bad.

The Panthers were completely disassembled by the Pittsburgh Steelers on Thursday night and lost with a score of 52-21. Even though the loss was shocking and embarrassing, the Steelers form a good team. The Panthers have still not won a match at Heinz Field in their team history, but this loss would not change the prospects for their season.

Even Cam Newton is not too concerned about the number of points they have lost – they just need to get better and learn from getting "whupped. "

Panthers head coach Ron Rivera shared the same feelings as his quarterback says "this shit happens" and there is no point in staying in such a bad loss.

Three-score losses in the NFL are rare (unless you are the 2018 Buffalo Bills, which have already lost three games with that margin) and teams that lose with that margin are usually not tied to the playoffs. But not everything is lost when it comes to the expectations of the Panthers.

Since 2014, 21 teams have made the playoffs after losing a game with 24 or more points

So far there have been 141 games since 2014 with a difference in points of 24 or more points. 21 of the teams on the losing side closed the play-offs. Via Pro Football Reference:

That includes the 2014 match between the Kansas City Chiefs and the New England Patriots – a game that the Chiefs won 41-14. After that match people wondered if Tom Brady was washed and a reporter even asked Bill Belichick if it was time to switch to Jimmy Garoppolo.

Well, they won the Super Bowl that year and won it two years later. Oh, and Tom Brady is still playing as one of the best quarterbacks in the league. Such a big loss does not mean that a season goes down.

This is not an unknown area for the Panthers

In 2014, the Panthers were the recipients of two blowouts and still made the playoffs. They lost to the Baltimore Ravens with a score of 38-10 and were defeated by the Philadelphia Eagles 45-21.

The Panthers went 7-8 that season and ended up in first place in the NFC South. They won their Wild Card match against the Arizona Cardinals before losing to the Seattle Seahawks in the Divisional Round.

This Panthers team is better than the 2014 team and will not be able to win the NFC South with a losing record. Even with the loss for Pittsburgh, they still check their own fate at 6-3. As things are today, the Panthers are the fifth seed in the NFC.

Carolina just has a few things to clean up to go back to where they should be – mainly to protect Cam Newton and not to let him get fired five times the way he was against the Steelers. Maybe a long break before their match against the Detroit Lions will help them get back on the right track.

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