"I did not like Bayern"


Robert Lewandowski "I did not like Bayern"

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From the "little beaver" to the world star

Robert Lewandowski. is a superstar. The career of the Bayern striker began in Warsaw. Here he was called because of his physical shortcomings Bobek – little beaver.

Robert Lewandowski seems to lead only a marriage of convenience with Bayern. The striker explains why he wanted to leave the club in the summer, although he was aware of the hopelessness of his action.

YOUUndoubtedly it can be said that there have been happier times in the sportsman life of Robert Lewandowski. One of those bad days came on Thursday evening.

He had to compete against the Polish national team against the European champion Portugal. His team lost 2: 3, the Bayern striker was left without a goal in his 100th international match and was overshadowed by the young Polish top attacker Krzysztof Piatek (23).

It is also true that he has not been able to perform well in Munich for weeks. He sees himself exposed to constant criticism, experts such as Lothar Matthäus chalk him, he would face the club. And even then he does not meet as usual

Perhaps it should be noted that Lewandowski would be happier if he had not given the suffering according to his pre-history at Bayern. In any case, he is not enough to emphasize that he was malicious. Feeling, therefore, he comes as a wounded and wounded star in his vanity, who is condemned to stay.

Lewandowski: "… then I can go too"

He gave an interview at the Polish internet portal "Sportowe Fakty", in which he spread his soul life with the Bavarian. In it he says roughly that he has a contract until the summer of 2021, but not everything is rosy. Just as he had slipped again and again since last spring.

Robert Lewandowski played his 100th international match for Poland against Portugal

Robert Lewandowski played his 100th international match for Poland against Portugal


"I had offers from different clubs, and when I realized that a foreign policy was going on, I decided to speak openly about the offers," Lewandowski said. He had "noticed that if so many people do not fit me, I can go too".

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The Bavaria, despite lucrative offers, have categorically put an end to this. Also from principle. They wanted to know the message that way: we only sell when we want. Not if we are forced to do so.

"No, no and no"

Evidently, Lewandowski was also aware of this. "I knew that the answer – no matter what offer – would be" no, no and no. "But I did not like Bayern and I had to deal with it."

He does not want to talk about disappointment. I'm at one of the biggest clubs in the world. "Although Bavaria's" global popularity "is lower than that of other clubs, such as England or Spain."

In August, Lewandowski had entrusted the "Sport Bild" with a change in the spring, because Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and club chairman Uli Hoeneß of Bayern had not given him the desired rating. Since the change had only rejected intentions, it would be the summer to Bayern coach Niko Kovac, who could calm him down and move to stay.

Niko Kovac shows understanding for Lewandowski's criticism

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Robert Lewandowski was in an interview last summer about the treatment of his person echauffiert. Bayern Munich coach Niko Kovac showed understanding for the Polish striker.