Ilya Hercus: "CSKA won" Real "in the Champions League, what could be better?"

Ilya Hercus: "CSKA won" Real "in the Champions League, what could be better?"

Ilya Gerkus, General Director of Lokomotiv, spoke about the stage of the railway people and also noted that in the group stage of the Champions League the club would like to play with more serious rivals.

– We support and welcome the introduction of the VAR system in all possible ways. Simple, there is a certain procedure, as I understand it, it is still being launched by the RFU. We supported this initiative and I am sure that the majority also supports it. Launch will begin in the near future. VAR consists of two parts – technically, ie equipment and of the most important element in the form of trained jurors. This should be more judges, they should be prepared, and in Russia they should not pay sufficient attention to it, "Gerkus said in an interview – This is a very institute, they need to work closely together If we want to have a VAR, we need to understand that the judges will be twice as many and that the preparation period will take some time.This is technologically and operationally difficult.The second question is to solve the equipment, but this is easier.In Cherkizovo was that, we had a training camp of judges during the World Cup The equipment is made up for a day, up to two days.

– What about the construction of a roof at RZhD-Arena?

– In fact, we have completed pre-project work. We have different options for the development of the stadium in terms of completion and restructuring, now we will discuss this in the board of directors. There are two phases: the closure of the facades and the construction of the roof. There are several options for building new pillars, on which it will remain. In any case, we first say that we have to make the perimeter of the facade, which closes our open galleries, so that there is heat inside. Then follow the assembly of some supports. Most likely it is a question of four corner supports, on which the opened umbrella branch is hung. We simply take and buy an umbrella that is opened and cleaned.


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