Jerome Kaino: "I want to bring Toulouse back to top"

Jerome Kaino: "I want to bring Toulouse back to top"

Before he goes to Bath next Saturday at the opening of the European Cup, the New Zealander tells his career of double world champion all black, but also reveals his expectations at his club, Stade Toulousain.

At first sight, Jerome Kaino, thirty-five years and 81 selections with the blacks, is not the most friendly guy on this planet. But this is only a façade. Because the colossus we met in the bodega next to the stadium Ernest-Wallon, one morning last week, has a pretty easy smile as soon as the conversation begins. The native of Tuilala (American Samoa) is already a small house in Toulouse. With his wife and three children, he settled in Plaisance-du-Touch, near the Pink City, and quickly became familiar with driving on the right and meals that were being towed. "Here are people, order them calmly and discuss them between dishes. I like that!" He has also rediscovered foie gras. Which has nothing to do with the one he used in New Zealand. "There it is sold in vacuum bags, it does not have the same taste …"

«What are your first impressions of the Top 14?
Oh, I really appreciate it. The teams really want to play, it looks a lot like Super Rugby.

Really? Yet we have the impression that you do not practice the same sport in the southern hemisphere …
No, it is very similar. The only difference is that some players are more violent here than at home (Smile). The fronts are really large, making the mauls and scrums more disputed. But I do not bother me. I love to fight.

Your mother did not want you to play rugby. She thought it was too violent. She told you

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