Joachim Loew is the biggest mistake of the DFB

What makes a good coach? That he can think of something, if it does not work, and he places himself for his players. The national coach does not want to know that until today. Why?

The football is at this moment somewhat denatured. I am moderately interested in the Bundesliga and even more moderate for the national team. No, I'm not permanently disappointed about the sinking of the World Cup, that can happen, it has also happened with other teams. I follow the aftermath.

Something unpleasant can always happen. How to behave is crucial. Whether someone takes responsibility and is credible. Or if someone makes a white foot afterwards and points to someone else who caused the mess.

Even with the DFB responsibility is scarce

Responsibility is one of the major problems of our time. Who of VW / Audi / Daimler finally says open, how did the manipulation of the diesel engine expire? Why does not the Federal Chancellor throw away her Minister of the Interior? Why does not the chief of constitutional protection say goodbye?

Responsibility is scarce. Nobody wants to take over. Responsibility always has others. The DFB belongs in this herd of black sheep and with that we are at Mesut Ozil, who had chosen these heroes as scapegoat and could choose with impunity.

Löw is sitting on the high horse

I know from Manuel Neuer that he is doing well for the boarding school of Schalke, where he graduated in high school. He looks and feels like a nice guy. It seems normal, especially when compared with Boateng or Vidal. But as captain of the national team he is a failure for me, a failure. To date, he has not said anything about any of the "The Team" was released for photographing. Nothing has occurred to me and now it is too late.

In the criticism: DFB team manager Oliver Bierhoff and national coach Joachim Loew had to justify themselves for the World Cup debacle. (Source: image)In the criticism: DFB team manager Oliver Bierhoff and national coach Joachim Loew had to justify themselves for the World Cup debacle. (Source: image)

But the real big failure is Joachim Löw. He managed to give Özil even mean words, because he pronounced his resignation. Löw is sitting on the high horse, because he was allowed to stay what he is. He is working on the new beginning of the national team with an ox defense. Lots of fun.

If it does not work, Löw can not think of anything

The worm is in the crew. The connection with organized irresponsibility is obvious. The unspoken, the unfulfilled remains connected, this is known from real life. It weakens, you fight against it and say things like: Will be. Soon I will be the old man again. I just have to believe in myself.

I have never considered Joachim Loew as a particularly good coach. If it does not work, he can not think of anything. I still remember the match against Italy in 2006 (Löw was co-coach at that time, editor), the 0-2 in the semi-finals after extra time, coached by line and thread. That can also happen. But look at him while he shakes around the sidelines, with a languorous face and humiliating hand movements.

They do not play as they want, so what! A really good coach can think of more than just replacing new players who can not change anything because the other team is better off with their coach and the German team can only play as it is set. Who is that for?

The DFB would have followed Ozil a farewell match

Mesut Özil has spoken a lot of nonsense, but not entirely wrong. Why should he only be responsible for the failure at the World Cup? Did he rather not belong to the less bad among the baddies, in which Thomas Müller stood out?

Ozil has played 92 international matches. He was and is a revelation with his passports in the open air that only he sees. Fine foot, good eye. Football started playing with him ten years ago, which excited me a lot. He was the first to do what others could not approach. He deserves a farewell match. That would have been the fault of the DFB, because institutions always honor themselves if they honor someone.

Football players often do not know what they are doing

German football players do their own thing today. Many go abroad. Most even have the upper hand. They earn a lot of money and can even learn a foreign language. They are surrounded by family members and acquaintances, scroungers and consultants. Among these there are clearly no good advice, but preferably bad, as can be seen in Ozil and Gundogan.

History: The now retired Özil (left) and Löw at the World Cup. (Source: image)History: The now retired Özil (left) and Löw at the World Cup. (Source: image)

Football players are all too often host parents. They will not necessarily grow up on the planet where they have landed. That's why they do not know what they're doing when President Erdogan wants to use a photo with them for their own purposes, and afterwards they do not understand why the audience reacts as they react and nobody explains them.

Nobody protects the players against themselves

Of course Mesut Özil did not make any favors with his comment, you can tell him now. At Arsenal he plays so, sometimes so. The public is critical with him. Whatever he looks like, he seems slow and lethargic, if he succeeds little, and the public does not like it, especially the English. What he has experienced and said, prevents him from being able to play freely and make us happy with his passports. That he would consider switching to Fenerbahce fits into the picture. Thoughts escape here. Elsewhere people love me more.

The DFB is a large organization with many people who feel important and maybe even. Unfortunately, no one protects the players from themselves and, in case of doubt, poses for them. The players live in their own world. But Joachim Loew and Oliver Bierhoff and Reinhard Grindel should at least partially live in our world and not in their complacency, in which they are never guilty, never want to be responsible.

That is why they do not differ from the other gloomy contemporaries, who have a lot to say and can not find words.