Joachim Loew is the biggest mistake of the DFB

Joachim Loew is the biggest mistake of the DFB

What makes a good coach? That he can think of something, if it does not work, and he places himself for his players. The national coach does not want to know that until today. Why?

The football is at this moment somewhat denatured. I am moderately interested in the Bundesliga and even more moderate for the national team. No, I'm not permanently disappointed about the sinking of the World Cup, that can happen, it has also happened with other teams. I follow the aftermath.

Something unpleasant can always happen. How to behave is crucial. Whether someone takes responsibility and is credible. Or if someone makes a white foot afterwards and points to someone else who caused the mess.

Even with the DFB responsibility is scarce

Responsibility is one of the major problems of our time. Who of VW / Audi / Daimler finally says open, how did the manipulation of the diesel engine expire? Why does not the Federal Chancellor throw away her Minister of the Interior? Why does not the chief of constitutional protection say goodbye?


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