La Celeste against a rival of weight

La Celeste against a rival of weight

With wounded, wounded, troubles while traveling and a new team in Eliminatorias, Uruguay will take the stage tonight in Las Vegas in the second phase of the road to China 2019 to none other than the United States.

The opponent in turn, in the previous, is a number of steps above the Celeste, which on the contrary will not have its main characters, but the possibility that different young players can be shown in a game of demand that can serve and Much reflect on the future.

"Not every day there is a chance to play for Eliminatorias with Uruguay and the United States, which, in addition to not presenting the Dream Team, has a team of important figures that can be unequal at any time. that it is also used as an experience for the youngest and as a level requirement for the rest of the team, "said Uruguayan coach Marcelo Signorelli.


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