Legal changes benefit Nico Castillo to make his debut against León - MSN

Even though it was the last time Nicolás Castillo played in Mexican football was refused, the Chilean striker may play with the Eagles this weekend as a result of an amended rule allowing him to pay his suspension match in the League of Portugal, because he was part of Benfica.

A few years ago, those who had returned to Mexican football for a second phase and had pending a sanction should pay it back. however, FIFA adjusted that standard, so that a suspension in competition tournament can be paid in another league in the world, and the same with Cup matches.

"The suspensions imposed on players, technical directors, members of the technical corps and referees shall be met in competitions of the same competition, therefore suspensions imposed in competitions of different official competitions and friendly matches shall not be composed in any way, "according to the article. 9 of the regulation of the sanctions of Liga MX.

When Nico arrived in Portugal, it caused a lot of controversy that he had to miss the league game of the first date against Vitoria Guimaraes, so he had to wait for the Champions League game against Fenerbahce to become available in the Playoffs of the tournament.

The expulsion to the Chileans was in the quarterfinals of the final evening of 2018, when Castillo defended the colors of Pumas and in a piece without a ball to Edson Álvarez, which was cataloged as direct expulsion on the flute side, Marco Antonio Ortiz.

Now the physical aspect will be the last stumbling block for the Chilean to have his first minutes, after he acknowledged that after his training at sea level in Lisbon this return to Mexico City cost him.

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