Long live Mexico! Some handsome & # 39; Chucky & # 39; Lozano and Erick Gutiérrez led a landslide by PSV

Long live Mexico! Some handsome & # 39; Chucky & # 39; Lozano and Erick Gutiérrez led a landslide by PSV

In the most Mexican night, Hirving Lozano and Erick Gutiérrez have given a cry of freedom and independence that rumbled loudly in every corner of the Netherlands.

They are the feeling pair of Mexican football that have joined the Eredivisie League to form an explosive duo. Today, the & # 39; Chucky & # 39; confirmed as the maximum football field in the Netherlands. There is no one else, anywhere in that competition, with the ability and projection of the Mexican.

And if that was not enough, today his big ally Erick Gutiérrez debuted. The & # 39; Guti & # 39 ;, partner in the good because they were both small, it took him only a few minutes to give an assist – Hirving Lozano, as in the old days – and to score his first goal – a goal in the broadest sense of the word – in European football.

How satisfied is the PSV fan today about the combination that the directive has prepared for them? To take away doubts, they played the 7-0 victory today at ADO Den Haag, and sent a blunt message to Barcelona, ​​where they are waiting next Tuesday to debut at the Camp Nou for the UEFA Champions League.

& # 39; Guti & # 39; of the construction and & # 39; Chucky & # 39; in the definition, always accompanied by the Uruguayan Gastón Pereiro. The PSV is a promising future for that trident, with an average age not exceeding 23 years.

Hirving's first goal, very much in his style: rogue, fast, daring. The second, with a nice and accurate pass by Erick Gutiérrez and shows the power of a world-class striker.

And Erick Gutiérrez's? A ruthless left-handed left foot with all entry, which eventually came through the entire team.

Luuk de Jong on one occasion, Gastón Pereiro in two and Steven Bergwijn in another, completed the climb to determine the final 7-0.

now, the good comes for PSV, for Hirving Lozano, Gastón Pereiro and Erick Gutiérrez. Next Tuesday the graduation of some and the dedication of others will take place in a Champions League, where they will have to measure Barcelona, ​​Tottenham and Inter Milan.

Goals, assists, debut: Mexican power was present with goals from & # 39; Chucky & # 39; and & # 39; Guti & # 39; in the landslide of PSV


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