"Löw must finally be separated from five world champions"

No, the mix must be right

Joachim Löw resisted the change in the national team for a long time – probably too long. That it was absolutely right and overdue and is to give the many great talents that Germany has a chance have proved the last two matches. Havertz, Sané, Gnabry & Co. have made sure you want more.

Yet the national coach is right when he says that it is not only with young players alone. The mixture must be correct, every generation change must be weighed separately. Ter Stegen could certainly replace Neuer 1: 1. But are Rüdiger or Tah as good or better than Hummels and Boateng? Kroos is in any case indispensable, Müller is in any case still important as a team player who can lead the young savages. They can spread steam around it.

The new beginning in the DFB team has been made and needs to be continued, but a radical change without the adult axis would be a mistake. It needs experience AND fresh blood.