Man Utd's star, Paul Pogba, should get a new role to further prove Jose Mourinho Football | Sport

The Manchester United power battle between Paul Pogba and Mourinho saw the reputation of both men collapsing during their time at Old Trafford together.

Things were tense, to say the least.

Mourinho believes that the Manchester United star is a showboater and a big dressing room problem. Some reports also claimed that the 55-year-old had labeled the World Cup winner as a "virus" after a 2-2 Premier League draw with Southampton.

In September, however, it was when their relationship was at the lowest level.

Jose Mourinho has snatched from Pogba the role of vice-captain of the club.

This decision was made despite the French national team who greeted the team at the start of the season.

But today some important transfer requests have been made on the Red Devils.

It is reported that Antonio Valencia is in talks with Inter to leave the club.

National Ecuador is the longest-serving player in the club, having been at Old Trafford since arriving from Wigan in 2009.

The captain of the club was handed to him by Mourinho last season after Wayne Rooney came out.

But, among the statements that could start, that role could be given to Pogba.

It's certainly an option. The French national team, to Mourinho's disappointment, is a leader.

Last month, images of him gathering troops before the victory over Huddersfield became viral.

What helps Pogba is that he already has the support of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

"He's a World Cup winner," said Solskjaer last month.

"Paul is a great guy, when I had him as a child, he has always been a happy boy and has not changed his personality.

"He's a better player and, of course, he's one of those I want to make the most of.

"You have so many quality players that I want to try and get the best and it's no different from anyone else."

Pogba being captain could be on the cards if Valencia leaves.

And what better way to put Mourinho in error by wearing the armband and firing the Red Devils with silverware?