Masterclass by Habib Nurmagomedov waiting in Surgut

Head of the Department of Physical Culture and Sport of the government Surgut Shamil Lukmanov told about the intentions to invite UFC champion Habib Nurmagomedov to the largest municipality of Ugra. The civil servant did not mention specific dates for the possible arrival of Habib, only mentioning that currently the technical staff of the athlete is being negotiated.

"Now we are working on this option, and we work together with the national-cultural associations of the city, we conduct relevant negotiations"– Shamil Lukmanov comments.

He also emphasized that the long time spent by famous sportsmen at Surgut with masterclasses has become a good tradition for the city. Sports federations often come up with such initiatives, and the city council helps where possible in the provision of playgrounds.

"Absolutely everyone wants to attend these workshops. The gym is open to everyone, regardless of their religion, nationality or anything else. You can come, chat, participate in a masterclass, ask questions and, as it has become popular, take selfie", – says the head of the physical culture and sport department.

The administration of Surgut emphasizes that an extensive plan with sporting events of the city, including aimed at the prevention of extremism. Sports day of national cultural associations is a lively example. This project has been implemented in Surgut for five years and this year received a presidential subsidy. The site systematically collects representatives of nearly two dozen national cultural autonomies from the city. The sports competition not only solves the tasks of the sport, but also the tasks to build interethnic relations.

"The main goal of the Olympic Games is of course the friendship between the people in Surgut." All disputes must be settled in the sports arena, across borders, the only thing they can do is laugh at each other, give each other the hand, we, the wrestlers, even have this proverb: "We are enemies on the carpet, we are friends behind the carpet. "Moreover, it must be remembered that sport united us from time immemorial. When the Olympic Games were held, all the wars ceased, what can we say about our civilized world?" – notes David Yegshatyan, organizer of the city sport and athletics meeting of national cultural associations of Surgut.

Sports day in the city traditionally starts in the spring and runs until late in the fall. During this time contestants compete for the title of the strongest in volleyball, billiards, the national fight of the Northern peoples, chess and backgammon, as well as mini football. This year, at the request of national associations, competitions at the GTO were added to the golden five sports. Surgut was marked this year and the first in the history of the city festival of national martial arts. He combined in himself different types of struggles from different nations of the world. The debut season gathered about 180 athletes. To identify the strongest, it was necessary to divide the competition into different phases. The most spectacular final fights took place in the open air, in the middle of the epicenter of the festive events on the occasion of the Day of Russia and the City Day.