Mazzi Wilkins of the USF says he received death threats after the battle that McKenzie Milton had injured

The South Florida player whose tackle on Central Florida McKenzie Milton ended in the season of the star quarterback said that he and his family have encountered threats on social media as a result of the hit.

Cornerback Mazzi Wilkins told the Tampa Bay Times in an interview that was published Saturday and that he was the subject of intimidation, ranging from angry names to death threats, including a tweet that told him to "sleep with one eye open".

Wilkins picked up Milton during a Senior Day matchup between the rival schools, which was won by the knights on November 22nd. Milton suffered a dislocation in the right knee and nerve damage and has undergone multiple operations since the hit, which was not punished.

"I've done that tackle so often and nothing bad happened," Wilkins told The Times. "And then just this one time, just a crazy accident."

"You never want to hurt anyone," Wilkins said. "If you look at the tape, you'll see that I was sorry as soon as it happened, but I got threats against my parents, my mom under my Instagram photos, people go on Facebook, Twitter, everything."

Wilkins finally reached the point where he noticed that the vitriol was going to travel too far, so he removed most of the angry messages and tweets.

"It started to disturb me, so I just blocked everyone who sent me such things, I can have one or two left, I still get someone," said Wilkins.

Now he trains for the NFL draw and only one credit of a degree in health sciences. Wilkins remains repentant about the piece. He did not speak directly with Milton, although he did send a tweet after the game with prayers and the best wishes for a quick recovery.

"I just feel bad that it should happen, and it had to be done with such a great player that he is," he said. "I do not wish anyone any harm."

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