Mercato: The right price of Tanguy Ndombele, midfielder of the OL and the team of France - France football

ndombele (tanguy) (A. Martin / The Team)


Becoming essential in Lyon, while the new darling of the French team, Tanguy Ndombele, will soon again stimulate greed. But what is the fair price?

In a year's time, and especially in recent months, everything is quickly chained for Tanguy Ndombele. As usual the person went through this first crucial period of his young career with the relaxed atmosphere that characterizes him. And undoubtedly it helped him "recklessnessAs he likes to say in a press conference with the French team. After his huge match against the Blues against Uruguay (1-0), Ndombele handed in the derby against Saint-Etienne (1-0) on Friday-evening. Where will it stop? In the Rhône he is already, at the age of 21, one of the most important elements of the formation of Bruno Genesio, which is expected to change every race and under the yoke of criticism once the Gones pass, such as the case against Bordeaux early November. "We had attitudes that were sometimes not good. Spiritually we must be strong in our heads. Bruno Genesio tried to change the system because Ndombele did not worry so much today. This can happen", OL President Jean-Michel Aulas said after the meeting, a media release that surprises when we know how many matches Tanguy Ndombele stood out, and that is at the same time revealing the hope it generates.

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Great clubs on the lookout point

Of course the market value of Tanguy Ndombele has increased. In the course of a year it would have gone from 5.4 to 65.6 million euros, according to the CIES football observatory. Jean-Michel Aulas is not fooled and knows that he will not be able to keep his clog forever. Already last summer, several large European stables would have raised the temperature, and even more: according to RMC Sport, Manchester City would have made an offer of 50 million euros, while in our columns we reveal that PSG had launched a seduction operation to attract the middle of the OL.

"Of course PSG can consider making an offer, it is the player who decides." (Jean-Michel Aulas)

The president of OL, star emeritus of Twitter, has also opened the door to the club of the capital on the social network: "It is clear that the PSG can consider making an offer, it is the player who decides.Bluffing or real opening of the auction? In any case, the club in Ile-de-France will have to close the checkbook if it decides to carry out the attack. Especially since the person named "El Feinto" is under contract with the OL until 2023. Thus, would evaluate the fair price to 70 million euros. And you? – A.D.