Mexico golea with 8-0 from Granada in Premundial Concacaf

the National Team of Mexico U-20 confirmed as the best of Group B in the CONCACAF Premundial and 8-0 Granada to bind first, but they are still not qualified because Jamaica Stalks the Tricolor and is on the last date when the classified team is defined.

Efraín Orona He opened the key as soon as he started comparing what appeared to be a formality and a way in which raising the goal balance was the most important in the case of a mathematical draw with another rival of the group.

José Juan Macías He had to wait for half of the first time to impose conditions, because despite the constant arrivals, the lack of snipers was clear. while Edgar López He placed the 0-3 before half time.

In the addition, Lopez put the 0-4 and got the double. The match was one-sided and that was understood by the national team. With the possibility to make the victory bigger, Alexis Gutiérrez place the small hand on the scoreboard.

Macías also searched for the second and obtained it for 0-6. Diego Hernández He rounded off a Granada team that collapsed on the field. In the agony of the game, Daniel López the marker convicted.

Saturday is the last game of the group stage against Aruba.