Miguel Herrera admits that it will be difficult to build the starting team of America - SOY FOOTBALL

According to a publication by the newspaper Record, the coach of the Eagle of America Miguel Herrera, said at a press conference after his team the Necaxa at the court of Azteca Stadium by the Copa MX, he is very happy with the team he has and that there will be a very nice competition during the season.

"That much Roger like Henry they do things well and with Nico (Castillo) comes a great internal competition and that's good, we'll have a big headache to see who starts everything because we have a great staff, "said the coach.

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He also talked about the availability of American reinforcements for this season, hoping the two boys are ready to play the next league game, although with castle He will see it all week and there he will make a decision.

"Take a look (if the reinforcements are for Saturday), Nico Benedetti He was already active, he played. castle Maybe it's a bit out of the rhythm, it has influenced more height, comes from playing at sea level. Things are going well, now we are going to see how it adjusts to the altitude again and of course if they are ready they will certainly be on Saturday, "explained Luis.

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He also said that he said he was happy with the Colombian midfielder's debut because he sees it with a ritual and with a very good spirit to compete during the tournament, and will make the team more competitive.


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