Need a break … Mohsen Saleh condemns the participation of Marwan Mohsen in the national team

Mohsen Saleh, the former Egyptian coach, expressed his dissatisfaction with the participation of Marwan Mohsen, the player of Al Ahly Club, in the match against the Niger team as part of the qualification for the African Nations Cup, which will be held in Cameroon next year. is being held.

Saleh said: "The absence of Marwan Mohsen from the matches was confirmed 3 weeks before the injury in the match between Egypt and Niger, and the news needs a break."

Saleh asked: "Whoever is responsible for calling Marwan Mohsen for the team and his participation is essential, and is far from Ahli games, and Forma and Ain Ajiri, Hani-assistant or Hany President."

Mohsen Saleh