Nemanja Matic of Man Utd reveals that he did not carry poppy because it makes him think of bombing as a child

Nemanja Matic has raised the lid why he will not wear a poppy on his Manchester United shirt, claiming it reminds him that his village was bombed when he was only 12 years old.

The Serb was the only United player on the field who did not wear poppy on his shirt during their 2-1 victory over Bournemouth on Saturday, despite having done the Old Trafford outfit last season.

As part of NATO, British troops were involved in the Kosovo war in 1999 as part of a bombing to drive the Serbian troops out of the state.

Nemanja Matic decided not to wear a poppy during the Manchester United victory in Bournemouth

Matic was the only United player who did not play a poppy in the Premier League clash against the Vitality

Nevertheless, the midfielder went to Instagram to explain his position. He claims that, although he respects the poppy appeal, he no longer wants to wear one on his competition shirt.

I do not want to undermine the poppy as a symbol of pride in Britain or offend someone, & # 39; said Matic on the social media site.

"But for me it is only a reminder of an attack that I personally felt as a young, frightened 12-year-old boy who lived in Vrelo, because my country had been destroyed by the bombing of Serbia in 1999.

& # 39; While I have done that before, I now have, on closer inspection, not the right time to wear the poppy on my shirt. & # 39;


I fully understand why people carry poppies, I respect the right of everyone to do this and I have full sympathy for everyone who has lost loved ones through a conflict.

"But for me it is only a reminder of an attack that I personally felt as a young, frightened 12-year-old boy who lived in Vrelo, because my country was devastated by the bombing of Serbia in 1999. While I have done on closer inspection I now feel that it is good that I wear the poppy on my shirt.

I do not want to undermine the poppy as a symbol of pride in Great Britain or offend anyone, but we are all a product of our own upbringing and this is a personal choice for the reasons outlined.

I hope everyone understands why I explained them and that I can concentrate on helping the team in the races ahead. & # 39;

Matic's position at the weekend attracted fake abuse on Twitter with one fan who claimed: "Matic does not carry poppy, do not press the paw of the c ** t & # 39 ;.

Another addition: & # 39; No excuse that Matic does not wear poppy. British involvement in Kosovo has nothing to do with remembering those who gave their lives in two World Wars #DISGRACE. & # 39;

The Serbian international was not the only player without poppy, with James McClean from Stoke City who also abused the supporters of Potters for his position.


Allied operations during the war in Kosovo were heavily criticized for their bombing campaign, in which up to 528 Yugoslav citizens died as a result of their air strikes.

Human Rights Watch confirmed that these deaths encountered a series of 90 incidents.

Serbian officials claimed that a hospital in Belgrade had been affected, as well as an old public house, a bus and a train.

NATO leaders also admitted that they were bombing refugee refugees in Kosovo.

The Irishman was involved in an angry exchange with fans after their 0-0 draw against Middlesbrough on Saturday that caused him to be investigated by the FA after he had marked the supporters who verbally abused him as "unskilled caveman & # 39; .

McClean comes from Derry in Northern Ireland and grew up on the Creggan estate where six of the people who were killed on Bloody Sunday came from.

Bloody Sunday saw 28 unarmed civilians being shot by British soldiers in a peaceful protest march.

& # 39; The FA investigate me after the Saturday event, for what? & # 39 ;, he said Monday in an Instagram message.

Yet, over the past 7 years, I have been in constant sectarian assault week after week, death threats, objects being thrown, singing that loud and clear every week, that my family, wife and children also have to listen (sic), they turning an eye shut and no word of condemnation of any kind. & # 39;

Matic wore a poppy in the defeat of United in Chelsea earlier, just like last year