New stadium and international player within 4 surprises of Turki Al - Sheikh of Zamalek - Masrawy

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Friday, February 8, 2019

Books – Omar Qora:

Zamalek announced the results of a visit by Turki Al-Sheikh, president of the Arab League and owner of Pyramids, which was summarized in four points.

Zamalek published a statement in which Sheikh Al-Shaikh was thanked for fulfilling his promise to visit the club on Thursday night at the invitation of the White House.

The club confirmed via its official website that the results of the visit were as follows:

1 – Contribution to a part of the costs of building a new stadium for Zamalek Club as a gift, and working to provide sponsors for the project.

2 – Turki Al-Shaikh has the costs of hiring a player who will move to Zamalek next summer.

3 – Support the Zamalek Club of Turki Al-Sheikh after completing the preparation of official papers for its launch.

4 – Turki Al-Sheikh will pay the cost of clothing from the Zamalek team in the next 2019-2020 season.


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