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New York Knicks Frank Ntilikina (Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler / NBAE via Getty Images)

Who are the winners and losers of the New York Knicks after the trade deadline?

With the 20120 NBA Trade Deadline expired, the New York Knicks have had two months to play for the intriguing off-season, with a likely high pick-and-cap space galore in the free agency. That is with fresh faces on the selection after their blockbuster Kristaps Porzingis.

This deal brought three players to the team. There are only two left, but their impact should be enough to change the situation for some players who are already blue and orange.

There are also transactions that did not happen on Thursday. Some of them turned out to be positive for the seated players.

So, with transactions completed for the 2018-19 season, who are the winners and losers of the deadline for the Knicks?

Winner: Frank Ntilikina

Earlier this season Frank Ntilikina seemed to be a player in the downfall. That argument can still be made because he struggled to shoot at basketball and never showed real point guard skills in his second NBA season. Head coach David Fizdale tried it elsewhere, but there is still nothing fixed.

Ntilikina was part of trade rumors in November and December, but nothing happened. Fast-forward to Thursday and the Knicks were approached by the Orlando Magic, per ESPN & # 39; s Ian Begley, but refused their advances.

The Magic traded two draft picks and Jonathon Simmons to the Philadelphia 76ers for Markelle Fultz, to win their spot.

That should be a vote of confidence, for now, on Ntilikina. Of course, the front office can wait to close a deal and let it raise its value at the court, but the willingness to at least wait and see what the 20-year-old is doing is promising. Plus, at 10-43, there is no reason for the Knicks to rush anything in 2018-19.

Ntilikina will probably not start around Point Guard with Dennis Smith Jr., but this is the real chance to shake the former around the rotation and see where he fits. If nothing fits, the Knicks can re-evaluate this status. However, he is in a good position.

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