Nice, the example to follow in the field and in the offices

Mario Hermoso is the perfect example of what Espanyol wants to be in the grass and in the offices. Jordi Lardín chose him when he was 21 years old from Madrid Castilla, and a year and a half later, with Rubi, he has consolidated himself as a guarantee center in Primera. The appeal to the Spanish team revived the rumors about Madrid's interest, which has 50% of the player's economic rights, as well as the right to trial. This would allow the white club – if there is a third club such as Bayern Munich or Arsenal – two of those who are interested and offer an offer that accepts Espanyol – to take the player for half the value of this offer. In this case, the white set could pay a considerable amount above 7.5 million for ownership.

In the event that Madrid, when it received the notification from Espanyol, gave the approval to accept it, half of the offer would be made. However, the player has a personal clause with which he can terminate his contract by depositing 7.5 million in the League. A way that the white club can use to restore the player. In Spanish, despite the rumors, there is peace. The player is satisfied with the role of important piece that he has with Rubi. "I am very happy here, the course we are doing is enviable, nor am I missing my way," said Thursday.

A fleeting debut on the Bernabéu

Hermoso spent 11 years in the basic football of the white set, making on September 27, 2012 his first team debut with a Santiago Bernabéu Trophy when he stepped into Raúl Albiol at 74 minutes. Beautiful tea has traveled to the club and when it is gone, the replacements have already been watched. According to PericosOnline, Víctor Ruiz, who cancels the contract in the summer, is the chosen one.